Masterforce Fandub-UFP episode 2 - Crisis in the Karin Islands Released

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    Well guys It's been well Over a year since the last episode of Masterforce was released and it was the First dub done by Fyerspawn studios. A lot of things have Changed since then, Voice Actors, Writers, Producers (accept me of course) and the way we do things. One thing stays is constant and that is, Masterforce is one Killer dub! Look out for this one folks it is sure to rock your socks off. this episode took some time to finish due to many things changing but in the end I am quite satisfied with it.


    The episode starts off with our oh so lovely Decepticons breaking into a Medical Facility to do some nasty nasty with some rotten cadavers. their antics are noticed by none other than Mr. Lander who quickly Suit-On's to take care of these Rampaging stiffs, curious as to where they came from He Radios Mr. Hawk for assistance.


    We are introduced to the newest character of the series, Rizal, whom is being terrorized by Skullgrin, untill Metalhawk comes to save the day. Rizal is dumbstruck and frightened by the Massive Robotic Warriors. and vows to rid his Country of them.


    Soon an all out battle ensues and guess whom is left standing!

    You can grab the episode Here at TFCog