Mashin Eiyuden Wataru

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    Hi, wondering if anyone else here collects Mashin Eiyuden Wataru figures. It's a great anime. This is my current collection:

    - Wataru 1: The 8 Takara reissue boxes, the DX Jakomaru, the Plaguild resin kit Jakomaru, and the Bandai Gashapon 5 figures.

    - Wataru 2: Box #01 (Sonokong and also Rare Col), box #02 (Sonokong), box #03 (Takara), box #04 (Rare Col), box #06 (Rare Col), box #09 (#5 Sonokong), box #12 (#9 Sonokong), box #13 (Rare Col), box #14 (#10 Sonokong), box #15 (Rare Col), box #16 (Rare Col), and Plaguild resin kit New Ryujinmaru.

    - Wataru 3: #5 Jakomaru, #10 mini Jakomaru in metallic black and yellow.

    Some pictures (they're not updated) can be seen here: 3.0 Masters Of The Universe Portugal

    Still haven't finished assembling all of them though.

    If anyone is interested in a brand new MIB box #9 (#5 Sonokong), let me know as I have an extra one unassembled that I want to sell. It's the space level boss that looks like a super-formed Gundam.

    Take care.