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    The Upper Deck Subcasts statues came and went quietly back in 2007, but this is a surprisingly great set. They are well proportioned to one another, which is ironic considering the super-deformed nature of the statue. Although Upper Deck states that these are premium vinyl figures, they do not feel like vinyl in the sense of the word that most of us would consider them. Instead, they feel more like any typical cold-cast Bowen status that most of us might own.

    2007 Upper Deck Subcast Statues

    Each statue had a production run of 2,000 statues, and all four stand together nicely in a set or individually.



    Spider-Man is skinny and small when compared to the other Subcasts, as he should be. This is a great statue with a small footprint on the shelf. I think it really captures what Spider-Man is all about.

    The Spidey pictured is 1,001 of 2,000

    Ghost Rider


    Ghost Rider is easily the best statue of the bunch. It’s a solid statue with very cool looking clear flames and a separate chain that wraps around the figure and into the hands. Take a good look at this one because it’s seriously cool.

    The Ghost Rider pictured is 1,687 of 2,000



    The Wolverine Subcast has a great pose and captures this character as much as the Spidey statue did for that one. This is a nicely uniform statue with a fairly square footprint that is just a lot of fun to have on display. Great sculpt here.

    The Wolverine pictured is 641 of 2,000.

    Iron Man

    Iron Man is actually the disappointment of the group, in my opinion. He’s rather plain looking, with fairly simple paint apps, although the detail in the figures mold is present. He’s in an odd and somewhat boring pose, and while he compliments the set nicely in scale and size, I just think he’s the most boring one of the group to look at.

    The Iron Man pictured above is 396 of 2,000

    Ultimately, these are fun pieces and worth it for statue collectors or collectors of any of the 4 individual characters that were produced. The nicest thing is that these usually sell pretty cheaply now that they’ve come and gone for 2 years without much hype.