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Discussion in 'Junkion Exchange Feedback' started by MarkPrime, Jul 14, 2010.

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    Jul 13, 2010
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    Just leave it here
  2. r0guearmy

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    Mar 5, 2006
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    Traded a few figures with him and everything went smoothly. Everything came in great condition, and arrived quickly. Thanks!
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    Sep 25, 2007
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    Just did a trade with Mark and everything went very well. Figures in great shape and great packaging. Would be happy to trade with again.
  4. lostnfound

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    Jul 24, 2009
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    CAUTION MEMBERS : Avoid Dealing with Member MarkPrime!!!

    MarkPrime is a Loser, a Liar, and a bit of a Thief!!

    First of all, if it was a crime to be a giant pain in the ass, MarkPrime would have been arrested by now. He was constantly trying to get me to trade something, anything I could for his Ipod Nano. He was constantly messaging me, telling me how great a deal that it would be, and so on and so forth.

    After a few weeks of him pestering me, I we finally had a deal down, or so I thought. He changed his mind sooooo many times!!! It was ridiculous. He changed his mind after the deal was to be done even! Because I told him, "Look, i'm not going to send out this stuff on good faith (I usually do, but this guy was weird that I didn't) I told him about my extensive feedback on here. And that if he wanted to deal he would have to send me the ipod first. He agreed, and decided to do it.

    We ultimately decided on my

    leader starscream (misb)
    generations thrust (misb)
    generations drift (misb)
    and deluxe ice cream twins (loose)

    for his

    ipod nano (which was used)
    and $25

    Except he told me, he would send out the Ipod, and when I received it to send out the figures, and when that happened and he received them he would send out the money. It seemed impractical to me, but I agreed.

    I then offered to take some money off the price, if he would allow me to take the Starscream out of the box, since he's not a MISB collector, because it would help tremendously with shipping cost. I even offered to film the whole thing and to put it on youtube, which I did.


    He agreed to it and I brought the price down by $5, even though it was the same deal essentially. I felt that things were going well and that we were helping each other out and that everything would be fine. WRONG!!

    It turns out, I was waiting, and waiting for the ipod to show up (we live in the same state, so it shouldn't have taken long to arrive) Before it shows up however, Marky-prime decides to change the deal....again! He tells me that he bought Drift from someone else on here (I'm thinking, wtf!) and that he won't be needing it. So I decided to take off $10 more.

    The Ipod finally arrives, and it seems fine. So before I take a 4 day camping trip, I sent everything out to him.

    2 Days after I sent it he tells me that he knew that everything was messed up, that the boxes were torn (I sent him the folded boxes of Starscream as well per request) , the ice cream twins were smashed and that the box to thrust looked open.

    I was furious. I told him word for word (I saved the message I sent), "Look, I have done dozens of trades on here with others (many like the one that we did) and none with any problems before. I have bent over backwards trying to get things right, and even uploaded a 13 minute video (that took at least 8 hours to upload) on youtube for you all on a deal that is more flattering for you than it is for me. I can assure you that I ship things like this all the time, and nothing arrives damaged ever! Thrust was most certainly not opened, and the ice cream twins left here perfectly as well as all the boxes."

    It took him a while to respond, and when he did he didn't say much. Just telling me that he will send out the rest of the money. I even told him to mail out the figures and that I would return everything to him, he says no and that he'll give me the money. I waited, and messaged, and waited some more. Finally he informs me that he will send out the money immediately. I waited over a week for it to arrive (I honestly don't believe he sent anything) He tells me that it must have been lost.

    I, extremely impatient and enraged at this point, tell him that he needs to send me the money now, before I do...well what I'm doing right now and letting everyone know what kind of an ass he is.

    To paint you a picture, I left for my trip (which is the day after I sent out his figures) on July 30th, it is now August 26th and I just got what he sent me. And what he sent me, is NOT what he told me he was going to send me (which was supposed to be $10)

    What arrived to me today is a small package, with a $5 bill in it, along with a thrust figure. The thrust figure is half transformed, with the fans and guns loose. He told me that the ice cream twins were broken, and that the Thrust 'simply looked open'. He also told me that he would give me my $10 instead of giving the figures back.

    I made this thread and thoroughly explained everything to everyone so that no one else will have to go through what I've gone through.
    Avoid MarkPrime at all costs, he is untrustworthy at the very least, and is a Liar and a Cheater!!!! I'm just glad that I don't have to anymore.

    He should be banned from this site imo. Don't listen to anything this Liar will tell you.
  5. Prowl4680

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    Jul 13, 2009
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    ^^ Funny, He offered me the same Ipod Nano back in July too.

    The deal with us was a Human Alliance Jazz MISB for a Galaxy Force Prime. I'm generally pretty laid back, so I sent my stuff first with a delivery confirmation number. Bad Idea. When emailed about the status of my package coming to me I got a slew of excuses: "My computer broke so I won't be on for about a month." What!? a month!? He always seemed to be logged on whenever I checked. "I've been busy with school registration" etc. etc. He also got a couple other members in the same fashion. So much for benefit of a doubt. lostnfound, at least you got something. :lol 

    Looks like I'll be using the delivery confirmation number against him and file mail fraud like another member did recently. This experience has DEFINITELY left a sour taste in my mouth for trades on here. Worst part about the whole ordeal I guess is that I've had TONS of smooth trade deals up here before dealing with MarkPrime.

    If somehow you're reading this MP....Enjoy the FREE'll get what's coming to you in the end.
  6. tobuttica

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    Apr 28, 2009
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    I'd like to say I was very good to MarkPrime, giving him the benefit of doubt, and he effed me over big time. We made a deal for me to buy ROTF Superion for $40 shipped, and the idiot that I am, sent him cash. Big mistake. A day after I sent the money, he said that someone offered him $50 and he was going to sell it to that guy unless I offered more. I told him I didn't want to and that I could find it for $40 shipped on ebay, MISB, which I did. He told me he was going to send the money back so I waited. Then The Fixer and Prowl PM me about their bad deals, and he asks if he could use the $40 to smooth over the situation with them and he would give me half off any figures that I wanted to equal $40. I couldn't get a hold of him on here so I messaged him via Youtube, and he told me that he would give me an updated list by lets see, today, September 3rd. I go to check my messages, nothing. Click on his account to see when he logged in last, and the &$(%#@! has deleted his account. I'm usually composed, but I'm out $40 and have no way of contacting this guy because he is now banned because of his own idiocy. I know people have his address, I want to get it and take a trip down to CA and confront him face to face, but that isn't logical since I live in Washington. If anyone has a way to contact MarkPrime, please let me know so I can get my money back. Grrrrrrrrrr. Just a message to those of you who do not use Paypal, you will not be getting any business from me.