Mark Wahlberg's experience on set of TF5 featured in his reality series on A&E : Wahlburgers

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    Oct 27, 2016
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    So I know the majority of this conversation may be off-topic with Transformers, but still wanted to discuss it with you all.

    If any of you watched the season premiere of Mark Wahlberg's show on A & E from more than 2 weeks ago, did any of you see some footage of him on set of Transformers 5.

    The second half of the premiere was in regards to this past August when Mark was getting ready for the grand opening of the Wahlburgers location in Detroit, in time before he took off to London to continue production.

    There was a footage of him having a phone call with his brother Paul, while he was on set of TF5 and Paul was telling him to come to Detroit immediately and call off work from set to get the grand opening taken care of.

    Now for Wednesday's upcoming episode, there was a preview yesterday morning on Facebook that shows Mark on set of Transformers the Last Knight in the UK.

    How do I know?

    He was having his brother Paul drive a right-hand drive vehicle and we all know of course that vehicles in the UK are right hand drive.

    So yeah! Any thoughts you have about this, folks? Do please let me know!