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Many Transformers and Other Toys for Sale or Trade! *UPDATED!*

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by highlander3000, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. highlander3000

    highlander3000 Jump around!

    Feb 3, 2005
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    Here's my list of stuff for sale. All are complete with working electronics (if applicable) and come with tech specs and instructions unless otherwise noted. Free US shipping on orders $100 or higher. I prefer PayPal but also accept money orders. Buy lots and save money! Many prices have been lowered.

    While I primarily would like to sell I’m also interested in trades so make me an offer. I prefer to do one for one on trades (one loose deluxe for one loose deluxe etc.) but will listen to all serious offers. I want sealed or loose and complete figures (with instructions and maps) Here’s what I’m looking for:


    Optimus Prime
    King Starscream
    Minicon Team *PENDING*
    Scattorshot *PENDING*


    Vintage Bombshell C10 complete with all paperwork/tech specs $25
    Vintage Jazz C7 complete (broken roof) $25
    MISB Commemorative Series Ricochet $15
    MISB Commemorative Series Rodimus Prime $15
    Ehobby Detritus (Tan Hound) Stickers Applied, in box $40
    Ehobby Insecticon Clones Stickers Applied, in box $50
    Ehobby Gold Jazz Stickers Unapplied, complete but missiles detached fromt tree, in box $45

    Entire G1 Lot $190

    Robot Masters
    Megatron complete but no instructions $10

    Beast Wars
    Fox Kids Transmetal Airazor (with uncut backing card. Bubble cut away) $7
    Ramulus $7
    Scourge (with uncut backing card. Bubble cut away) $7
    TM2 Spittor $5 (with uncut backing card. Bubble cut away)
    Beast Wars 2 Dirgegun MIB $30

    Entire Beast Wars Lot: $25

    Beast Machines
    Scavenger $3
    Skydive $7
    Strika $8

    Entire Beast Machines Lot $15

    Robots in Disguise
    Kay Bee Exclusive Bludgeon $13
    Autobot 3 Pack (Mirage GT, Scavenger and Nightcruz) $15
    Dreadwind/Smokejumper $30
    Landfill (Yellow version) $30

    Entire RiD lot $75

    Armada (all complete with Minicons)
    Blurr $7
    Cheetor $7
    Cyclonus $7
    Demolishor $7
    Optimus Prime $7
    Powerlinx Cyclonus $7
    Powerlinx Jetfire $15 *SOLD*
    Powerlinx Optimus Prime $20
    Emergency Team $5
    Rhinox $7
    Space Team $5
    Street Speed Team $5
    Terrorsaur $7
    Built to Rule Demolishor (MIB) $2
    Built to Rule Smokescreen (MISB)$2

    Entire Armada Lot: $95

    Transformers Universe
    Dinobot Striker $7
    Dinobot Triceradon $7
    King Atlas $20
    Nemesis Strika $7
    Reptillion $7
    Silverbolt $7
    Sunstorm w/Inferno (Perceptor not included) $8
    Sam’s Club Prime and Magnus $70 (as a set only)

    Entire Universe Lot: $120

    Cruellock $5 *TRADED*
    Doomlock $5 *TRADED*
    Energon Saber $3
    Barricade $7
    Kickback MOSC $6
    Blight MOSC $6
    Quickstrike MISB $20
    Downshift $7
    Starscream $7

    Entire Energon Lot: $55

    Japanese PVCs
    Bumblebee (without Spike) $3
    Soundwave $7
    Cyclonus $7
    Jazz $5
    Wheeljack $5

    Entire PVC Lot $25

    Heroes of Cybertron PVCs
    Optimus Prime with Energy Axe $6
    Megatron with Energy Axe $6
    Ultra Magnus $5

    HoC Lot $15

    Star Trek
    Next Generation NCC 1701-D Enterprise by Playmates $30
    Generations NCC 1701-B Enterprise by Playmates $50 *ON HOLD UNTIL 10/23*
    Generations Klingon Bird of Prey by Playmates $25*ON HOLD UNTIL 10/23*

    Star Trek Lot $100

    Star Wars
    Toys R Us Exclusive chrome R2-D2 MOSC $20
    MIB Death Star Escape Set $10
    Episode II ATOC Republic Gunship with two Clone Pilots $40
    Anakin Skywalker # 50 (Battle Damage) $8
    This set comes with two figures: Anakin as he appeared before his duel on Mustafar, and Anakin after he his duel on Mustafar.

    Star Wars Lot $80

    G.I. Joe
    Lot of 5 G.I. Joe figures includes:
    Destro (2001)
    Fast Blast Viper (2001)
    Cobra Commander (2001)
    Laser Viper (2001)
    Cobra Commander (2004)

    G.I. Joe lot $10

    Masterpiece Veritech # 4 Max Sterling Stickers Applied $60

    Transformers Novels: Hardwired, Annihilation and Fusion (as a set) $9
    Robotech RPG Invid Invasion Supplement $10
    Robotech RPG Robotech REF Field Guide $10

    Book Lot $25

    Batman Animated Series Vol. 1 (Not box set. Only five episodes) $6
    X-Men 1.5 $6
    X-Men 2 $6

    DVD Lot $15
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