Introductory: Make Your Own Energon Cubes!

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    Around Christmas Time last year, I was inspired to make some custom Energon cubes when I found some miniature figurine ice in the craft store. All that’s needed is some pink transparent paint and a brush.


    After that, just paint the cubes. A word of advice: do only three sides at a time, let the three sides dry, and then turn the cube over and paint the remaining sides.



    It takes a few hours for the paint to completely dry. Afterwards, you have now made your own Energon cubes to go with your action figures! To give you an idea of proportions, here are some cubes with Masterpiece Lambor.


    I realize these may not be the coolest Energon figurines or the most accurate, but I think it is still a cheaper alternative to buying your own and they are fun to make.

    Special Note: I do not think that most craft stores carry the ice figurines all year round. So if you can't find any, stores might have some around Christmas time.

    (I'd recommend painting on at least one coat of Pledge with Future just to seal the paint on there after you're finished painting. ~Superquad7)

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