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    I am from Singapore. All the below toys listed below are quoted in Singapore Dollar (SGD). I accept Paypal payment. Send me a PM to get the shipping quote.

    * USD$1 is equivalent to SGD$1.20 to $1.30 depends on exchange rate (Please check the latest rate yourself).
    * Buyer please pay Paypal fees

    a) KO Purple (Shattered Glass version) colour City Commander set (New), Price=SGD$40

    b) Bandai Kamen Rider Wizard DX WizarDriver (MISB), Price=SGD$105

    c) Bandai Kamen Rider Wizard DX Sword Gun (MISB), Price=SGD$80

    d) Hasbro Commemorative G1 Soundwave (MISB), Price=SGD$68

    e) Hasbro Commemorative G1 Optimus Prime (MISB), Price=SGD$75

    f) Bandai SIC Kamen Rider OOO Tatoba Combo (MISB), Price=SGD$85

    g) Bandai Ultra-Act Denkou Choujin Gridman (MISB), Price=SGD$55

    h) Takara Transformers Arms Micron set of 4 - AMW04, AMW05, AMW06, AMW10 (New), Price=SGD$21

    i) Takara Transformers United UN-19 Wheeljack (MOSC), Price=SGD$30

    j) Dream Maker Add On Set for WFC Megatron (New), Price=SGD$30

    k) TFC Targetdroids SGC002 Shattered Glass Optiaim & Hot Flame (New, but dented box), Price=SGD$40

    l) China Exclusive Takara Transformers United Ultra Magnus (MISB), Price=SGD$95

    m) Takara TF AM-23 Wheeljack (MISB), Price=SGD$30

    n) Takara TF United EX-04 Grim Master Prime Mode (MISB), Price=SGD$75

    o) Transformers Generations Megatron (Voyager class, retool of ROTF bludgeon) MISB, Price=SGD$40

    p) Takara MP-12 Masterpiece Sideswipe (MISB plus coin plus pile driver), Price=SGD$90

    If you need photos or further details of the above items, please PM me. Happy Shopping!