Heavy/Scratch: M.A.R.B.ish from shapeways

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by DJ kevintron, Sep 28, 2016.

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    Today I finally got my print of my take on the Mobile Autobot Repair Bay. I was inspired by the the recent version that was in More Than Meets the Eye issue 4. I found the concept sketch online and well making it exact is beyond my skills...currently. I decided to go for a streamlined version that I could improve on with kitbashing or future redraws. I will say a few things didn't work quite right but I thought it neat enough to share. If anyone actually likes it I have it listed public for sale at no markup on shapeways. If you have a 3D printer and want to try it PM me. Ill give you the file if it wont let you download it.
    20160928_194207-1.jpg 20160928_194236-1.jpg 20160928_194249-1.jpg 20160928_194320-1.jpg
    I used Yellow Strong & Flexible Polished for this print. The joystick handles are 5mm and fit nicely in Hoist's hands.
    20160928_194346-1.jpg 20160928_194401-1.jpg
    The joysticks came pushed almost together. After sitting out of the bag and using it with the figure they straitened a bit. I should have put a throw away piece between them but was trying to get the cost as low as possible. They are very flexible. You can bend it to simulate steering as I tried to show in the last Hoist pic. One of the tail fins droops down a little but could prob do the hot water trick to fix that.
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    Cool idea. It's a pretty simple design; if you really wanted to keep the cost low you could have scratch-built this in about an hour with $1 worth of materials.