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    I posted this in the funnies section as well because I'm not quite sure which board fits it best. I hope you enjoy!

    Luna 2: Abandoned Thymesis Energon mining facility.




    Grapple: "Alright Bee, set her down here. Engines off after we're steady."

    The loud descent boosters whine to a halt. The three hard shuttle feet plant themselves on the surface with a thud. The armored shuttle lands at 'SERVICE ENTRANCE 03' in front of the mines. Grapple arrives with Bumblebee and Wheeljack in tow, on Cybertron's moon Luna 2 at the direction of Optimus Prime. The Thymesis Energon mining facility, which lay dormant for several meta-cycles recently showed activity on the scanners at the Autobot home base.

    Bumblebee: [via communicator] "(static)....You sure you don't want me to tag along? This whole situation seems suspicious."

    As Grapple disembarks the shuttle he engages the new invention, the E.N.E.R.G.O.N. scanners, that Wheeljack retrofitted to his crane boom.

    Grapple: "Not a chance Bee, I need you and Jackie to hang back in case we need to get out of here quickly. I've got the new sensors and the lifting and digging experience. After all, these mines are my old stomping grounds! Jackie you did test these sensors ahead of time right?"

    Wheeljack: "Oh yeah, I'm 100%....85%............somewhat sure that they'll work! It took several dozen tries and only a few of the bots at home had their circuits permanently scrambled. With your hard head, you'll be fine! Just keep that crane boom on your back-side and facing closest to the ship! Not only does it help you find what's in that mine, but it shows us where you are too."

    Grapple: [incredulously] "....only you Jackie."

    The E.N.E.R.G.O.N. sensors pick up a nebulous, faint signal from within the center of the mines. Grapple begins to walk toward the service dock. He steps on the terrain which is different than what he recalls. Brittle and corroded, it partially gives way under his heavy metal boots. The entrance to the mines looks intact, but Grapples keycard no longer permits passage.

    Grapple: "There's a ton of rust out here. But how could it degrade in just a few meta-cycles? More importantly, there's no juice in these doors Jackie. Thoughts?"

    Wheeljack: "You've got a perfectly good blaster with you, blow em up!"


    [BOOM!] The debris settles and makes way for Grapple to enter.

    His navigates through the interior corridors gradually. As he progresses, he notes that the wall surfaces show similar corrosion, but also scorch marks.

    Grapple: "Guys somethings not right. It looks like someone's been skirmishing with acid and explosives down here. Is this Acid Storm's doing? Some type of altercation?"
    Wheeljack: (static) "Gra.....ppl..e..............sig...nal' [end transmission]"

    Grapple raps and knocks his helmet communicator repeatedly to try to improve the signal, without any luck.

    Grapple: "Jackie, Bee, can you hear me?"

    Both the signal ahead and behind begin to dissipate despite the scanner. Thinking that the route to this point was straightforward enough, he deploys his scanner equipped crane boom overhead to amplify the signal, against Jackie's initial warning.


    He continues deeper into the mine interior.




    Grapple continues roaming the abandoned and cold halls. He starts to notice a foul smell and fog set in. His auditory sensors pick up a piercing "HISS" and his nostrils and metal skin being to sting and burn. He looks up quickly and suddenly the roof begins to cave! [BOOM!]

    Grapple: "SCRAP!"




    Grapple awakens as his systems reboot, but his optics don't return a full visual field. His face, shoulders, and head took the brunt of the explosion and are now burning even more.


    For full effect, start this video at 0:56 and then scroll slowly below!

    The pain and burning in his upper body near unbearable, he stands up and collects himself trying to analyze his surroundings. Detecting his impaired vision, Jackie's invention transforms and offers Grapple a sort of S.O.N.A.R. Grapple turns around towards the direction of the ship revealing that the path is blocked. The invention's alarm then blares loudly and pinpoints a large heat signature behind him. The unidentified object begins rapidly changing position, so fast as if to encircle Grapple.

    Another sharp "HIISSSSSSS" and a burst of green hot steam and plasma fills his face and optics!

    Grapple: "Gah!!"

    He hears one pair of ammunition shells clang and tinkle on the ground. The heat signature, slows down and stabilizes itself behind him. Optics still blurry and face on fire, he turns quickly about face trying to get reoriented!


    The E.N.E.R.G.O.N. sensor now erect, points towards the villain. He visualizes a large shadow in front of him and wipes his optics in desperation, raising his weapon! Vision finally coming to, he sees the finer details of the broad dark figure. It's quadrupedal with sharp teeth, a heavily armored head, countless gun-barrels, and a large turret on it's hind leg with a trail of the same green fog from before and the two shell halves at its side.


    Grapple:"What in the name of the Allspark is that?!"

    The familiar "HIISSSSSSS" is heard again, but now with the SCREAM of an electrical windup that Grapple recognizes as a rail-gun. Grapple holsters his weapon quickly and brings his forearms up to shield his face from the impending acid salvo!

    [BOOM!!!!!!] At point blank, the knockback of the salvo brings Grapple to the ground, shearing the E.N.E.R.G.O.N. sensor off his boom, and bending his boom onto his back. The back of his forearms are melted, and gears too stiff to move. His legs are singed and fused to the corroded metal superstructure below. His vision nearly gone and his accessory sensors now blown clear off, he's not able to detect the location of the heat signature despite it being yards in front of him!


    ??????????: "TIME TO MELT AUTOBOT!!"

    To be continued...