Lots of Generations - TR, CW, RTS, etc

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    Nov 4, 2011
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    Hi all,

    Breaking up my Siege on Cybertron set:
    Tidal Wave: Titans Return Voyager Tidal Wave, New, Siege Over Cybertron | eBay
    Pounce and Thunderwing: Titans Return Pounce, Thunderwing, Siege over Cybertron | eBay

    Additionally, I have the following for sale:
    Transformers Lot - Generations, Combiner Wars, Titans Return, RTS | eBay

    Titans Return deluxe Breakaway
    Titans Return titanmaster Nightbeat
    Combiner Wars Victorian (includes all six members and weapons)
    Combiner Wars voyager Battle Core Optimus Prime
    Combiner Wars legends Groove
    Combiner Wars legends Chop Shop
    Generations deluxe Windblade
    Generations deluxe Crosscut
    Generations deluxe Nightbeat (weapon flames removed, but still usable and present)
    Generations deluxe Rattrap (weapons painted silver)
    Generations deluxe Junkheap (handlebars broke off, but fixable)
    Reveal the Shield deluxe Tracks
    HFTD deluxe Hailstorm