Lot sale - small collection of G1 , ect. FREE SHIPPING! ONE price for everything!

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    Hey guys. Ive unfortunatly have been haveing some trouble getting rid of this stuff individually, so Ive decided to sell it ALL as a lot. I have three pages of positive refs here, so feel free and look. I , do not, however currently have a mailbox in front of my home...so I do use a PO BOX. If this is a problem I am sorry, but it is my only way to receive anything (I will however furnish my actual address aswell if you do bussiness with me..for your protection).

    I am asking $220 SHIPPED for this lot,, but ill listen to any offer. I can e-mail pics to anyone seriously interested aswell. I will also throw in MANY free bonus bots, and accessories. This is a GREAT starter collection guys or great to break-up and resale!

    1.) I can ONLY ship to the US and Canada. Sorry guys.

    2.) Check or US Money orders only please.

    ON TO THE LOT! You get everything listed here and MORE that are too numerous to even mention (Many BWs, BMs)!

    Generation One(Loose unless otherwise stated)

    Cyclonus - Great joints/no gun
    Scourge - Great Joints/worn stickers/Complete
    Gnaw - Good joints/Worn stickers/No accessories/Good chrome
    Pretender Bombburst - w/belt,outer shell , and inner bot only
    Rodimus Prime - Reprolabels/w/everything minus rifle (some chrome wear on one smoke stack- still Looks great)
    Autobot Clones (Fastlane and Cloudraker) - No acces. Very loose joints and paint wear
    Hungurr - No accessories
    Action Master Lot ( Jazz and 2 random figs...all in great shape)

    G2 Cyberjet Spacecase - MOSC
    G2 Constructicon lot (3 random bots)
    KO Defensor - Complete
    KO Ratbat and Frenzy G1 two-pack - MOC (very high quality)
    RiD Ruination - Complete (first release/different colored version)
    Energon Megatron - w/arm cannon and sword
    Classics Prime/Megs twopack - Complete
    Classics / Universe 2.0 Galvatron - No missle
    TFSource Quintesson Scientist - MIB
    WST Megatron/Red Alert/Thrust - MIB
    Titanium Scourge x2
    Primus - Loose (no accessories)
    Minicon Lot (8-10 random unbroken minicons)
    Armada Starscream - w/minicon
    Armada Thundercracker - w/minicon
    Armada Cyclonus - w/minicon
    Armada Demolisher - w/minicon
    Cybertron Scourge - Complete
    Cybertron (?) Slugslinger - No missle(s)
    Cybertron (?) Blurr - No missles
    Cybertron (?) Sharkticon - No accessories
    Animated Grimlock - Complete
    Energon Snowcat - No missles
    1st Movie Jazz


    PM me! First come , first served! Thanks guys!
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    Apr 19, 2008
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    UPDATE: I got a few nibbles but no bityes yet...$200 SHIPPED TO THE NEXT GUY WHO SHOWS INTEREST. DONT PASS THIS UP UYS..ITS A STEAL!