Lot of 10 Classics series transformers

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    Item #: 330560518491 you can also click on my e-bay symbol to see this and other postings currently on E-Bay.

    These are part of a huge collection which include:

    Thrust - generations (MISB)
    starscream - universe 25th anniversary edition (MISB)
    jetfire - robots in disguise (MISB)
    rodimus - robots in disguise (MISB)
    cyclonus - robots in disguise (no box, 100% complete and tight)
    rodimus and cyclonus - reveal the shield (MIB, was opened once but then repacked and taped shut)
    turbo tracks - reveal the shielf (MISB)
    astrtrain - robots in disguise - missing gun. (slightly worn and missing gun.)
    bruticus maximus - generations (No box, 100% complete with instruction booklets. MINT condition.)
    tankor - univers deluxe class (No box, 100% complete. Mint condition.)

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