Lost Age Bios

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    A troublemaker in nature, Jolt is not exactly the honor student among Autobots. Yet his tricks do sometimes save the day. Jolt continues to derange the Decepticons on the front line.


    When the Allspark lost control, it gave life to numerous machines, including Dispensor. A new born Transformer, he knows nothing of his surroundings, but he needs no explanation to destroy things.


    Ratchet places peace above everything and is not fond of violence. He values preserving life much more than taking it. Apparently well armed, most of his equipment is actually meant for medical means.


    A vigorous warrior, Dino is always among the first on the battlefield. Some call him bold, others say he's reckless. Yet none deny his abilities such as becoming invisible and creating holograms are much use to the Autobots.

    Darkside Soundwave

    As Decepticon plans enter final stages, Soundwave has descended to Earth. He continues his surveillance duties, spying on both Autobots and Decepticons, ensuring that there is not even the minimum chance of failure.

    Revenge Optimus Prime

    Now that Megatron is gone, the Decepticons may have lost their chain of command. However, there are still remnants remaining on Earth, scheming. Optimus continues his battle to protect the planet from such dangers.


    This Autobot paratrooper has a knack for catching his enemies by surprise, either by dropping in from above, or with a lightning-fast draw of his Sidearm Blasters.

    High Octane Bumblebee

    To avoid detection, Bumblebee takes on a different form, disguising himself as a super-charged muscle car!

    Protoform Optimus Prime

    Optimus came to Earth for one reason: To save the planet from the tragedy that doomed his. He is ready to put his life at stake in order to prevent Megatron from obtaining the Allspark.

    Optimus Prime (Leader Class)

    Optimus Prime has long believed that freedom is the right of all sentient beings. He has never wavered from his belief, no matter what has befallen him in battle. Once again ready to defend the people of his adopted planet, the unyielding Autobot Commander prepares for the battle that will allow the Autobots to reclaim their role as Earth's honored protectors.

    Battle Blade Bumblebee

    The young Autobot scout Bumblebee may have much to learn. Yet he shows unprecedented courage when fighting for his team.


    Butter up to the strong while being ruthless to the weak. That is Starscream's style. Yet he is ambitious as well. He will definitely not miss a chance to prove himself as the new Decepticon leader.
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    That was a lot of bios! Added them all, thanks for taking the time to write all those out!