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    I also have quite a few video games and anime titles available. I'll list a few things for now, as I just found a box of my transformers in my attic that I may no longer need (figures I already have or incompletes). I'm in the process of going through them now and will list those I can bare to part with. My ebay name is LordODFlize. If you need a picture of a figure, please PM me and I will get one emailed to you as soon as a can.

    G1 HAVE

    Menasor Right Foot

    Menasor Head


    Piranacon's Right Fist

    Crossblades' Left Skid

    Crossblades' Right Skid

    Crossblades' Thermal Cannon/Tail

    Crossblade's Wing/Laser

    Crossblades' Shell (heavy sticker wear)

    Crossblades' Robot (Head is broken)

    Superion Chest Shield

    Superion Gun

    Universe Have

    Defensor (Each figure is MOSC and case fresh. I purchased a case from KB Toys. I opened one of each figure and left the others in the case. I still have the cardboard box they came in as well and will include that with them.)

    Alternators Have

    Smokescreen (MIB Removed once)

    Sideswipe (MIB Removed once)

    Movie Have

    Target Exclusive Arcee (MOSC)


    Onyx Primal

    Sixwing (Berserker White Chase)

    Black Landcross

    E-Hobby Robot Masters Black Victory Saber

    Robot Masters Black Beast Convoy

    *Willing to buy figures on my want list*