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Lord of the Rings/Transformers... what does it sound like?

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Fiction' started by DeltaSilver88, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. DeltaSilver88

    DeltaSilver88 The Goddess of Death

    Jun 28, 2005
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    OK, I didn't know where to post this thing, so I posted it in here. I'm going to try and write Lord of the Rings: Transformers Style. It's a big project, and I'm not really fond of writing it all by myself, so if someone wants to become a co-author, just PM me. This, although, is the main thing:

    What Universe should I use? You can suggest one of these; G1, Victory, Beast Wars Neo, Armada or Energon. Put them in order from 1 to 5, so I know which one you like the best. For extra help I will give you an opportunity to suggest who should be the main characters. Here are the ones I thought about:

    Frodo: Bumblebee.
    Sam: Windcharger.
    Merry: Cliffjumper.
    Pippin: Beachcomber (Hey, I can't write anyone else than the original Minibots...).
    Aragorn: Springer.
    Legolas: Mirage.
    Gimli: Brawn.
    Gandalf: Ultra Magnus.
    Boromir: Red Alert.
    Faramir: Inferno.
    Theoden: Optimus.
    Eomer: Blurr.
    Eowyn: Firestar.
    Arwen: Arcee.
    Elrond: Kup.
    Elladan and Elrohir: Sideswipe and Sunstreaker.
    Denethor: Galvatron (well, he's the only insane one around! And Denethor wasn't the best guy in the world...).
    (I will use the names from TF Cog's fandub)

    Frodo: Stakeout.
    Sam: Fixit.
    Merry: Red Hot.
    Pippin: Seawatch.
    Aragorn: Star Saber.
    Legolas: Greatshot.
    Gimli: Tacker.
    Gandalf: God Ginrai/Victory Leo.
    Boromir: Mach.
    Faramir: Tackle.
    Theoden: Apex Prime.
    Eomer: Galaxy Shuttle.
    Eowyn: ?
    Arwen: Minerva.
    Elrond: Blacker.
    Elladan and Elrohir: Braver and Laster.
    Denethor: ?
    Beast Wars Neo

    Frodo: ?
    Sam: Break.
    Merry: Machkick.
    Pippin: Stampy.
    Aragorn: Big Convoy.
    Legolas: Longrack.
    Gimli: Cohrada.
    Gandalf: ?
    Boromir: Randy.
    Faramir: Bump.
    Theoden: Rockbuster.
    Eomer: Sharp Edge.
    Eowyn: ?
    Arwen: ?
    Elrond: Survive.
    Elladan and Elrohir: Countdown (Heinrad) and ?
    Denethor: ?

    Frodo: Highwire.
    Sam: Grindor.
    Merry: Jolt.
    Pippin: Sureshock.
    Aragorn: Blurr.
    Legolas: Red Alert.
    Gimli: Smokescreen/Hoist.
    Gandalf: Optimus.
    Boromir: Overload.
    Faramir: Sideswipe.
    Theoden: Scavenger.
    Eomer: Hot Shot.
    Eowyn: Airazor (whatever...).
    Arwen: Arcee.
    Elrond: Ultra Magnus.
    Elladan and Elrohir: ?
    Denethor: ?

    Frodo: Prowl (OK, not the best one...).
    Sam: Ironhide (please don't kill me...).
    Merry: Cliffjumper.
    Pippin: Downshift.
    Aragorn: Inferno.
    Legolas: Jetfire.
    Gimli: Bulkhead.
    Gandalf: Omega Supreme.
    Boromir: Landmine.
    Faramir: Hot Shot.
    Theoden: Optimus.
    Eomer: Wing Saber.
    Eowyn: ?
    Arwen: Arcee.
    Elrond: Rodimus.
    Elladan and Elrohir: Skyblast and Strongarm.
    Denethor: ?

    (One thing... I will keep the Omnicons as the elves and Rodimus as Elrond... unless someone comes up with a better plan).
    Sooo... anyone have better ideas? Or want to write this damn thing with me?
  2. wreckage

    wreckage Sweet biscuits!

    Jul 10, 2004
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    Energon might be the best to use for the dark armies. You could use Terrorcons maybe Battles Ravages as mindless orcs and cruellocks as Uri-iki (don't know if spelled right) for large scale battles like Helm's Deep and Minis Tirth.

    REDLINE longer days, plz? Veteran

    Dec 2, 2004
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    just FYI.. its uruk-hai... and I think I'd like either G1, or else Cyb/GF would be killer. as far as cast, I'll need more time to think of a full list, BUT.. I'll just say a few about your choices, Blurr doesn't seem a good fit AT ALL... his hyperactiveness doesn't fit any character in LOTR really at all... but punch/counterpunch for G1 or Sideways/Noisemaze would be PERFECT for smeagle/gollum! as for Aragorn, that should either be Prime or else HotRod if ya go the G1 route...

  4. Chaos Incarnate

    Chaos Incarnate Not just a name.

    Nov 24, 2003
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    I think, if we are doing a purely-for-fun retelling/parody, there's no issue with using multiple universes. I would definatly have the main cast be prodiminatly G1 and all of them be cool chacters. I love the idea of using the minibots as Hobbits. And, I imagine I can co author parts with you as well, since I am not a bad wordsmith.
  5. DeltaSilver88

    DeltaSilver88 The Goddess of Death

    Jun 28, 2005
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    Really? That would be great, 'cuz I'm not really good with long explaining. Ya know, I just have to get the scenes through quickly. I just can't describe any fight scenes. With dialogue and some funny gags I'm quite good. In one of my stories I wrote a funny 'fake battle' between Energon Ironhide and my OC Deathscream. It turned out to be quite side-splitting.

    But I'm not intending this to be a humorfic. Of course I'll put in much humor, many gags + some cool phrases. I'll just have to start to write this and look how it turns out. It might just become a humorfic.
    Oh yeah! Here's the Cybertron cast!

    Frodo: Scattorshot.
    Sam: Clocker.
    Merry: Snarl (I know, he's not that small).
    Pippin: Ransack.
    Aragorn: Smokescreen A.K.A. Crosswise.
    Gandalf: Vector Prime (I know. It's a stereotype).
    Legolas: Hot Shot.
    Gimli: Overhaul/Leobreaker.
    Boromir: Wing Saber.
    Faramir: Red Alert.
    Theoden: Landmine.
    Eowyn: Override.
    Eomer: Mudflap (what? He just reminds me of 'im! And besides, Landmine 'practically raised him'.).
    Elrond: Evac.
    Arwen: Thunderblast?.
    Elladan & Elrohir: Starscream & Thundercracker (please, if someone comes up with better choices...!).
    Denethor: Megatron/Galvatron.
  6. UltimateOptimus

    UltimateOptimus Long-time Hungarian Truck

    Aug 28, 2005
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    Hungary, European Sector, Earth
    Take the Cybertron style.

    Ditch the others. They're yesterday's glory, right?
  7. DeltaSilver88

    DeltaSilver88 The Goddess of Death

    Jun 28, 2005
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    ...Hmm... Maybe it does work.

    Lessee... Here's the 'EVIL' cast:

    Sauron (the Eye of Fire): Dark Scorponok.
    Ringwraiths: Transformers of Planet X, Witch King is Soundwave.
    Gollum: Sideways, A.K.A. Noisemaze.
    Grima: Undermine.
    Saruman: Scourge.
    Orcs: Transformers of Animatros, A.K.A. Jungle Planet, Beast Planet.
    Uruk-Hai: Transformers of Gigalonia, A.K.A. Giant Planet (um.. not Minicons, of course).
    Haradrim: Transformers of Velocitron, A.K.A. Speedia, Speed Planet.

    Helpers + Other Characters

    Glorfindel: Brakedown.
    Galadriel: ?
    Celeborn: Optimus Prime (yeah, why not?...).
    Haldir: Lugnutz.
    Rumil: Nemesis Breaker.
    Orophin: Dirt Boss.
    Tom Bombadil: Backstop (o_O ).
    Goldberry: ?
    Treebeard: Metroplex.
    Quickbeam: Menasor (*sigh* quick, quick, quick...).
    Gamling: Crumplezone.
    Damrod: (I wonder why I think about 'Ramrod' when I see Damrod's name...?).
    Hama: Brimstone.
    Erkenbrand: Jetfire (he rides to the fight with Gandalf the White! XD).