Loose TFs from Multiple Eras (Energon, Movie Trilogy, Animated, and More!)

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    Hi, everyone. Please take a moment to check out my ebay listing for a 12 figure lot. It's practically what's left of my personal collection that I need to get rid of since I'm strapped for cash. I was originally asking $36 plus shipping but I've reduced the price to $30 plus shipping. Thank you for your time!

    Listing link: Transformers Lot of 12 Figures from Multiple Series | eBay

    In this lot you will receive:

    -Deluxe Class Revenge of the Fallen Sideswipe (complete!)
    -Deluxe Class 2007 Movie Bumblebee (1970s Camaro) [Missing missiles and automorph gimmick on hood wore out]
    -Deluxe 2007 Movie Bumblebee (Camaro concept) [Complete!]
    -Leader Class Armada Optimus Prime (Cab only, missing guns and grille)
    -Voyager Class NEST Recon Ironhide (missing missile)
    -Armada mini-con Sparkplug (From Leader Optimus)
    -Armada mini-con Ramjet? (From Tidal Wave)
    -Deluxe 2007 Movie Scorponok (complete!)
    -Animated Supreme Roll Out Command Optimus (complete!)
    -Heroes of Cybertron PVC G1 Megatron (complete)
    -Energon Ultra Class Landmine (missing missile)
    -2007 Movie Real Gear Robots Booster X10 (missing earpiece)