Loose/ Boxed Takara Masterpiece Figures For Trade/Sale

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Bulkhead, Aug 28, 2010.

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    Hello all, I have the following Takara Masterpiece figures for trade (please see descriptions):

    1. Masterpiece Optimus Prime/ Convoy (MP-1). Figure is in great condition with a little wear. Comes with the box, all accessories (which are still on the plastic tray) and instructions. The only thing missing is the tech spec card.

    2. Masterpiece Ultra Magnus (MP-2). Toy has never been removed from box. The box, however, is faded from exposure to sunlight.

    3. Masterpiece Starscream (MP-3). Original (non-G1 Colors) version. Toy is in good condition with one exception. One small tab on one of the wings has broken off. The tab is hidden when transformed into alt mode and is not functional/ noticeable when in robot mode. Starscream comes with all accessories (most of which are still on the tray) and instructions/ tech spec card. I have the box and can send along, but the box was damaged by some moisture in my basement.

    I'm looking to trade for the following:

    MP-4S (Convoy Sleep Mode)
    MP-3 Starscream USA Version (Would prefer the version with the Takara sticker)
    MP-6 Skywarp
    MP-7 Thundercracker

    I'll also consider any reasonable cash offer, but trades definitely preferred. PM for details or with any questions.