Looking to trade for Botcon Deathsarus and more!

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by RampageX, Sep 28, 2005.

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    Jan 21, 2004
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    I was wondering if anyone is trading or Plan On trading there Botcon Exclusive Deathsarus? I know alot of the sets wont ship until mid Oct. But if you like we can still deal. I have a list below of trade items. PM me if you see anything else.


    Botcon Deathsaurus
    LOC Ramjet (botcon)
    LOC Scourge MOSC
    Alternators Prowl MISB
    Alternators Decepticharge MISB
    Cybertron Dirt Boss MOSC
    Cybertron Recon Minicons MOSC
    Cybertron Hardtop MOSC
    Cybertron Mudflap MISB
    Cybertron Undermine MISB
    Universe Snowcat mosc
    Energon Omega Sentinel(can be loose & Complete)

    GI Joe stuff Wanted

    SIGMA 6 Stormshadow MISB
    Hasbro DTC Crimson Gaurds (can be loose)
    Blue Hydrofoil Deck set from 05 convention
    Cobra Vipers V13 Blue/red (newer version)
    Cobra Vipers V12 Python (newer version)
    V vs V Crocmaster
    V vs V Slice & Slash
    V vs V Blue Sand Viper( can be loose or mosc)

    TF DVD Box sets (They can be opened, I only want sets that are in good condition)

    G-1 Season 2 part 1
    G-1 Season 2 part 2
    G-1 Season 3 part 1
    G-1 Season 3 part 2

    Team America Unrated WS
    Kung Fu Hustle WS
    Family Guy Box sets


    Cybertron Megatron MISB
    Cybertron Optimus Prime MISB
    Cybertron Scourge MISB

    Energon Wing Saber MISB
    Energon Quickstrike MISB
    Energon Scorponok MISB
    Energon Roadblock MOSC
    Energon Cruelock MOSC
    Energon Doomlock MOSC
    Energon Battle Ravage MOSC
    Energon Command Ravage MOSC
    Energon Divebomb MOSC
    Energon Insecticon MOSC
    Energon Starscream MOSC (1st version)
    Energon Demolisher MOSC
    Energon Snowcat MOSC

    Armada Terrorsaur MOSC
    Armada PL Cyclonus (green) MOSC
    Armada PL Thrust (brown) MOSC
    Armada PL Demolisher MOSC
    Armada Unicron MISB

    Robotmasters RM-19 Double Face MISB
    RID Galvatron MISB
    RID Jhiaxus MOSC

    Loose TFs
    Energon Ultra Magnus(complete)(I will only trade this as part of a trade for deathsarus)

    Energon Landmine (complete)

    Armada Starscream (Complete)
    Armada Thundercracker(No Instructions)
    Armada Skywarp (complete)

    Spychanger Scourge

    Universe Prowl (wal-mart exclusive)(complete)