Looking to Trade for a few Cybertron items.

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    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone here has any of the new Transformers Cybertron Stuff to trade yet, I would like to try find a few items through trade. I would prefer to trade in the USA since the shipping would be more reasonable. I am also looking for a few joe items as well. I will in most cases I would trade in your favor(with in reason) to aquire these items. As for the joe items, It looks like everyone is starting to clearance everything and the chances of finding these newer items is very slim. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk about something. I do have references. Hope to hear from some of you. Thanks for taking the time to look.



    Cybertron DIRT BOSS
    Cybertron RANSACK
    Cybertron CRUMPLEZONE
    Alternators SWERVE MISB ( wanted badly)
    Alternator DECEPTICHARGE MISB ( wanted badly)

    GI JOE Items

    Here is a list of GI joe items i am looking for. (They dont need file cards or guns)

    V vs V Ninja bikes (black,white and green)(I dont need the riders)
    V vs V Night Creeper (green version that came with ninja viper)
    V vs V New Cobra Vipers (python versions)
    V vs V New Cobra Vipers (wave 7 Blue/Red) I need quite a few of these. (like everyone else!)( would like the logo version)
    V vs V Quickstrike (can be opened or new)( I dont need the driver)
    V vs V HISS 4 (repaint w/pit viper)( can be loose or new)

    Here Is My TRADE LIST

    All of these are complete and mint condition.
    most all of these are the VvsV versions
    Sand Scorpion (yellow)
    Sand Scorpion (red) X 2
    Razor Trooper x2
    Venomous Maximus
    Dr Link Talbot(v1)
    Coil Crusher(v1)
    Wild Bill(v9)
    Heavy Duty(v8)
    General Abernathy(v2)
    Baroness (VvsV single card )
    Sand Viper (VvsV single card)x3
    Night Creeper ( VvsV single card)x2

    Incomplete figures...these figure are in mint condition and have no parts or weapons unless noted.

    Cobra comander (comic 3pk)
    Baroness (comic 3pk)
    Cobra Viper ( gray/green) joe vs cobra version
    Cobra Electric Eel (green lightup version) VvsV
    Shadow viper w/helmet 2001 arah
    Rock viper (V2) 2000 rah
    Agent Jinx (spytroops)
    Razorclaw VvsV (v1)
    Firefly( CG 6pk)
    Tele-viper (python) x2
    Storm Shadow (urban 6 pk)
    HISS 4

    I also have some TFs if your intrested in these as well
    NEW and Sealed TFs
    Energon Roadblock MOSC
    Energon Demolisher mosc
    Energon Starscream mosc (blue)
    Energon Snowcat mosc
    Energon Insecticon mosc
    Energon Divebomb mosc
    Energon Battle Ravage mosc
    Energon Command Ravage Mosc
    Energon Cruelock mosc
    Energon Doomlock mosc
    Armada PL Thrust mosc
    Armada PL Cyclonus mosc
    Armada Terrorsaur mosc
    Armada Demolisher mosc
    Universe Reptillion mosc
    Universe Tankor and Obsidian MISB
    Robotmasters RM-19 Doubleface MISB

    Loose and in Great Condition, most are complete unless noted.

    Armada BIG Optimus Prime (no minicon)
    Armada BIG PL Optimus prime (no minicon)
    Armada Jetfire (complete)
    Armada PL Jetfire( no minicon)
    Armada Starscream (no missles or instructions)
    Armada Thundercracker (no missles or instructions)
    Armada Terrorsaur (no instructions)
    RID Omega Prime (RID UM and OP complete)( trading only as a set)
    RID spychanger Scourge (complete)
    RID Yellow Landfill set (wal-mart exclusive)(complete)
    Universe Spychanger prime(yellow) (complete)
    Universe Sunstorm (complete)
    Universe Prowl (complete) wal mart version
    Universe perceptor (complete)
    Universe BIAB Smokescreen (no minicon)
    Universe Air raid (complete) (autobot jet)
    Robotmasters RM-20 Delta seeker (complete) (Autobot jet)
    Energon Landmine (complete)
    Energon Omega Supreme (complete)

    TF Comics (deamwave) all in great condition
    G1 vol 3 # 3
    Armada # 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,11
    Energon # 20,22,23,24

    GI Joe comics (DD)
    # 1 variant (snake eyes cover)
    #1,#2, #3
    Frontline #1