Looking to buy or trade for E-Hobby Minibots

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by heelstone, Aug 20, 2005.

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    Jul 1, 2002
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    As the subject states I'm looking to buy or trade for the E-Hobby reissue Minibot recolors. Not the standard reissue. Any condition new or used, with or without box will do. I can pay by Paypal as well.

    This is my first request on this message board, but if you are wondering about how good a customer I am, I can provide my ebay name which has a 100% positive feedback of 80.

    PM me with a your requested total or trade requirements.

    TRADE ITEMS: (I don't intend to sell or trade these items for anything else other than the above requested item)

    E-Hobby Black Starscream - New in Box
    E-Hobby Gold Jazz - New in Box

    Beast Wars:
    Terrorsaur - MOSC (smooth bubble)
    Airazor - MOSC
    Transmetal Waspinator - MOSC
    Transmetal Tarantulas - MOSC

    Robots in Disguise:
    TRU Exclusive Scourge - MISB (three of these)
    KB Exclusive Megabolt Megatron - MOSC (two of these)
    Target Exclusive Cryotek - MISB

    Unicron (Black version) - MISB (three of these)