Looking for Super Human Syber-Squad Deluxe 10" Drago, Xenon, and 2 Servo

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by jus_passin_thru, Jul 27, 2010.

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    Hello, I'm looking for the following toys, complete.

    1x Super Human Syber-Squad Deluxe 10" Drago - $60.
    1x Super Human Syber-Squad Deluxe 10" Xenon - $50.
    2x Super Human Syber-Squad Deluxe 10" Servo (Any of the color schemes except the Chrome ones. Would love to have one in the black and silver color scheme, I believe this one is was called "Digital Night Servo", will pay slightly more for that one.) - $20.
    • None of my prices account for shipping and are completely negotiable.
    • I'm mostly looking for Drago at this point. Though the other two are wanted, Drago is my definite must for my collection.
    • I would like for the chrome parts on these toys to have as little wear as possible, as such, if you make an offer, I'd like if you provided pics so I can see how the chrome on your toys look. I'm not too terribly picky on this front though. I'd also like for the stickers to be in good Shape too. I know on the few SSSS toys I've got left, the stickers have all but peeled away. :(  These two factors will determine how much I'm willing to pay in the end, but like I said, not too picky.
    • The conditions on the Servos can be negligible. Just so long as they can hold a pose while armored up in either the Xenon or Drago parts. I prefer to buy these paired with the parts. If your offering Digital Night Servo I want it mint, I'll buy this one by itself.
    • I don't care if any of them have their boxes, just so long as their complete parts wise, these are all going to be displayed out of box anyway. To be honest, I would prefer out of box just because of cost issues.
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    I actually have everything you are looking for. Drago, Xenon, and 2 Servo with all his weapons (1x long sword, 1x short sword, 1x axe sword, 1x axe, 1xshield, 1xarm protector, I think)

    They have wear and tear from play and display. I don't intend to let them go unless the offer really "wow" me, as they are precious to me. I am just throwing it out there that I do have them.

    I cannot take pictures of them in detail but here is one I have online of them:

    By exomega255 at 2010-07-01