Looking for Photos or Video from BotCon 94-99.

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    Wasn't sure if this should be in the 'Wanted' section, since it isn't toy related. Sorry if it is supposed to be, please relocate this if necessary.

    I am updating my archive of Transformers info and imagery, and am focussing on US BotCon at the moment. I am looking for photos from the first six BotCons (I was at BC99, but didn't have a camera) and event details/schedules, because there is very little online now covering them. The only BotCon I have missed since BC99 was in 2006, and I have heaps of images/details recorded from fan reports and flickr.com.

    I would like to have enough photos and info for each of those early conventions (video recordings were taken, so there should be photos out there as well), to give myself and other fans a decent look at the evolution of BotCon over the years (it's 15th year this year!!!). I could then post here what I have and share my images and details with the rest who may be interested.

    I'm a big fan of BotCon, and have probably racked up the most total miles of any fan who has travelled to BotCon over the years (this year will be my ninth return trip from Australia to America for BotCon), so am pretty committed to making a decent resource for future reflection of this transfan event.

    I can be contacted though this board, or can be emailed directly at griffin @ otca.com.au