Looking for Marvel Legends BAF parts

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    PM me if you have any of the following Marvel Legends part for sale or trade.

    ML BAF want list:
    Non-Movie Thanos right leg
    Movie Thanos both arms, head
    Odin/Old Thor set of legs, axe
    Sasquatch right leg
    Rhino right arm, both legs
    Hobgoblin left arm
    Onslaught head, torso
    Mantis right arm and both legs
    Vulture back panel, right inner wing, right outer wing
    Gladiator Hulk head w/helmet
    Absorbing Man torso, left leg
    Manthing right leg
    Civil War Giant Man left leg, head, right arm
    SP//DF right leg, left arm
    Titus head, left leg
    Dormammu left arm, head
    Lizard head, right arm

    DC Ares shield and 2 flame swords