Looking for G1, G1 parts , Boxes and Marvel BAF parts

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    Please PM me if you have these items.

    Jazz body
    Hound gas can
    Megatron body & long barrel
    Shockwave body unbroken
    Thundercracker launcher
    Thrust short missile
    Snarl sword
    Whirl Null Ray
    Airraid body
    Vortex small gun
    Swindle big & small gun
    Brawl small gun
    Menasor head, small guns
    Dragstrip gun
    Cyclonus body
    Broadside body
    Squawktalk body
    Beastbox gun pair
    Carnivac right shoulder pad
    Skyhigh Pretender helmet
    Action Master Axer missiles X2
    Rumble / Frenzy bodies
    Hot Rod metal feet complete in good condition
    Megatron Instructions
    Jetfire Instructions
    Astrotrain Instructions
    Blitzwing Instructions
    Swoop Instructions
    Snarl Instructions
    Bluestreak Instructions
    Dirge Instructions
    G1 boxes
    G1 box / boxed figure want list, most of them i will take box only with or without the figure.
    No major rips in front, Robot point cut out is ok, but nothing else cut out.
    No bubble insert is ok, would want styro foam insert if it comes with one originally except Megatron which I need only outer box.
    In order of priority:
    Cyclonus box w/figure
    Sludge box +/- figure
    Chromedome box +/- figure
    Highbrow box +/- figure
    Brainstorm box +/- figure
    Mindwipe box +/- figure
    Red Alert box + figure
    Smokescreen +/- figure
    Sky Lynx box +/- figure
    Gnaw box +/- figure
    Grapple box +/- figure
    Inferno box +/- figure
    Hoist box +/- figure
    Starscream box +/- figure
    Jetfire outer box only
    Megatron outer box only
    Combiner giftset boxes

    ML BAF want list :
    Hulkbuster waist
    Sandman left arm, heads
    Ultimate Green Goblin left arm w/flame
    Non-Movie Thanos right leg
    Ultron right arm, right leg
    Hobgoblin left arm with pumpkin bomb
    Rhino parts
    Mystique's Lilandra head
    Figure want list: