By Generation: Long Haul - A Different Backpack Fix

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    Inspired by the great tutorial by Sculpt-bot , I moved on to make my own version of Long Haul who has a backpack that folds up a lot more. I also made the side panels on his arms detachable because they were constantly getting in the way when he's moving his arms.

    I looked for a way to avoid parts-forming and it is possible . . . but I didn't think it was worth the trouble, and they look pretty cool sticking out the way they do now (I think). They just click onto the backpack, [and] no further customizing was required.

    I did leave the pegs on the forearms, so the panels click back into place okay.

    I know he's less movie accurate, but I don't care this time . . . the placement of the large arm panels was too annoying.


    The Backpack was done with Joints from Hobbylink Japan (picture below) type PPC-T11:


    - I moved the rotation point a little more to the back so when you fold it them the backpack disappears completely behind Long Haul's body.
    - I had to trim the plastic of the rear tires turning mechanism so they can almost turn completely around.

    If you try something like this, make sure that the new joints don't get in the way of the legs when they are transformed. The rest is pretty straight forward.

    I just wanted to share this, [and] maybe some of you are interested in doing something similar.

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