London Whitehall set videos (LeEco car etc)

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    Oct 9, 2016
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    So I have lurked around on this site for a long time but finally have something to contribute.

    On Saturday I came across them filming at Whitehall, The 'LeEco' driverless car was there (They very very much wanted to keep this under the covers, there was an Aston Martin and believe the rest of the cars we have seen from the teasers they have put on FB of filming in London.

    In this livestream I did you can see briefly the LeEco unwrapped then quickly covered up. (See around 0:52)

    As you can see we almost got in to be with the extras haha

    There were a lot of blacked out what I think were Audis with the upside down V logo we have seen from the American chase scene sets. Along with these were military extras with all black spec ops uniform, again the upside down V logo and on their shoulders had the Union Jack patch. UK Police on bikes were also on site, not sure if they were part of filming or just to escort the cars from set from set. (They were also filming outside Downing Street No10) Bay was also on set.

    Sorry about the lack of decent video.

    Feel free to screen grab anything or use the videos.

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    Maybe this character has been in hiding for years and Stonehenge brought him or her out of hiding.