Local NPR station covers local Transformers exhibit

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    Hello again. I really, really hope it's okay to post this here, but if not, feel free to reprimand me. It's just that our station would like to get the word out about this story.

    I work for the local NPR affiliate out of Tampa, Florida- WUSF. Recently, while browsing the news articles on TFW2005 (my favorite source for Transformers news), I came across a story about one of your members, Dharmacon, setting up an exhibition of his Optimus Prime figures at the St. Petersburg branch of the USF campus.

    I did a double take- "OUR St. Pete?" But, indeed it was, and so I ran to the News Director's office as fast as my fat legs could carry me, and asked him if we could run a segment on it.

    Not only did he allow us to, but he let me do a nearly THREE MINUTE spot on it- usually, spots only run for about 50 seconds. I interviewed Dharmacon last Tuesday (really, really nice guy, and a really wonderful exhibit), and ever since, I've been piecing the story together. It took me until that Friday to get it edited by my superior, and the following Monday it was edited by our boss

    What's really cool? I think I may have gotten my boss hooked on Transformers. :D  Behold, the power of NPR reporting!

    So, the story has been voiced, the audio edited, and the final product has been approved and set to air THIS FRIDAY at 7 AM, and then again at 5 PM. Yesterday, I spent all afternoon expanding upon the broadcasted spot, which can be found online right now, here: Transformers Exhibit Brings Optimus Prime To Life | WUSF News
    You can even hear the final for-broadcast version (without a lead-in, that will be done on the spot). It's basically a condensed version of the article, so I wouldn't use the article as a transcript.

    It really was a lot of fun to put this together. I want to thank Dharmacon for being such a gracious interviewee and tour guide, and for putting together such a great-looking exhibit. I also want to thank TFW2005 for caring enough about the exhibit to run a story on it, because otherwise, none of this would have been possible.

    I'm just posting a new thread about this to let people know about it. Again, thank you for all the work you do to keep us Transformers fans informed.
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    Now THAT'S awesome.
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    You mean NPR is useful for things other than as a sleep aid? ;) 
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    Thank you, sir! I appreciate the kind words, the fantastic piece, and the free publicity! Always nice to talk to a fellow fan... glad you enjoyed the exhibit (especially all the Optimus Primal figures).