Lighting in TF display question

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by AtomicGarden, Jan 9, 2023.

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    Hi. First of all, sorry if there is already a thread, I tried searching for one.

    I’m looking for advice for the right type of lighting to use in a display case. Specifically I have a detolf case. I don’t want to buy the Ikea light, as there seem to be dozens of available options on amazon. The most popular ones seem to be the puck type and the adhesive strip bars. So yeah, I’m looking for recommendations for types or brands to use and the ones to avoid.

    Also, if you have some setup recommendations. Let’s take the strip bars for exemple. I’ve seen people use 4 of the strip bars at the top of the display in a square position. Some put a single one on every shelf. Some put the light in the front, some in the back. What works best for you ?

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    I'm using the pucks as we speak. They take 3x AAA. I highly recommend rechargeable batteries if you go that route, because they eat 'em like candy when they're Alkaline. (Been there, done that.) You can use the USB LED strips but they can get expensive and there's no covering on them to prevent the light from hitting the figures directly. The pucks do have a covering in the form of the button. There's at least a little layer of protection between the light and the figure that route.