Introductory: Light Box/Tents How To Build/Create

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    From Shockwave AZ:

    I made light box from a regular cardboard box and some tissue paper, here are the instructions here:

    Here is the result of said lightbox:

    From royalestel:
    Is another.

    This one: Is even easier. Just cut a hole in a bucket (dear liza, dear liza)."tent"./?ALLSTEPS

    This one is easiest of all.
    Just use a large tupperware tub.

    From Lobo:

    I use a light box as well.

    While surfing the TNI forums I came across this.

    Good, detailed instructions on building a cheap light box.

    From Revlimiter:

    A camera with a macro setting that works is pretty important. But slightly less than that is a lightbox.

    The frame of my lightbox. It's just PVC pipe wedged together (no glue). The black thing on the top is a scrap of ABS plastic that allows me to clip on different backgrounds.
    The white stuff is a $2 vinyl shower curtain liner. This diffuses the light, yet lets more light thru than a bed sheet.

    Here's how I sometimes have it setup. The 3 lamps are Target clip lamps ($6 each) with high-watt compact fluorescent bulbs in them (like 25 watt). It provides pretty good light. The stand is just an old TV stand that I bought at a garage sale. A low stand like this is actually more comfortable to me than a table.

    and with a good, customizable light source like this, you can do stuff like this.





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