LF/Trading G1, Beast Wars, Beast Machines and other wepons & parts

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    Looking for the following parts and weapons. Have tons of other vintage action figure line weapons to trade including He-Man, GI Joe and others. Check out my trade list at Action Figure Archive - Vintage Action Figure Trade List. Will also consider purchasing. Drop me an email.


    G1 Weapons, Parts & Accessories:
    Reflector missile (2)
    Mirage launcher
    Bluestreak right launcher
    Ratchet red gun post
    Predaking right fist
    Tantrum sword, gun (1)
    Metroplex Scamper gun
    Trypticon Full Tilt gun
    Scorponok Fast Track left arm, radar dish 2 & 3 (I have the TV & robot head ones)
    Slugslinger Caliburst
    Horri-Bull rifle
    Seacon black stand connector piece
    Quickswitch right rifle
    Grandslam rocket (1), gun
    Beastbox weapon (2)
    Pincer Pretender stun rifle, left claw arm
    Waverider Pretender axe
    Gunrunner Pretender plasma missile
    Nightbeat Headmaster photon pistol, Muzzle
    Quake Targetmaster cannon, Heater, Tiptop
    Quickmix Targetmaster Boomer
    Doubledealer Powermaster chestplate
    Pretender Bomb-Burst blue laser (2)
    Countdown small door hatch on large missile
    Micromaster Ironworks missile
    Micromaster Roughstuff double missile turret
    Micromater Constructor Squad Excavator, Stonecruncher, Grit
    Micromaster Metro Squad Oiler & Slide
    Micromaster Astro Squad Phaser & Blast Master
    Micromaster Rescue Patrol Stakeout, Red Hot, Sea Watch right arm
    Micromaster Sports Car Patrol Detour, Blackjack
    Skyquake gun, missile (15)

    Skyhammer missile (2), visor, wing laser, robot, canopy
    Skystalker micromaster car, jet pod, duel laser & connector, large laser (2), small laser (2), ramp (2)

    Beast Wars Weapons, Parts & Accessories:
    Airaizor claw gun
    Armordillo foot mace & gun
    Insecticon crossbow
    Powerpinch rear end attachment, left foot
    Terrorsaur pistol
    Snarl rifle
    Wolfgang missile (1)
    Bonecrusher missile
    Retrax antennae (2)
    Buzzsaw right wing
    Dinobot sword
    Deluxe Mutant Soundwave right front foot

    Terragator left arm, left leg
    Magnaboss mace 2, tail claw, missile (2), wing sword (2),
    Megatron tounge squirter, chest plate
    Optimus Primal sword (1), missile (4)

    Sonar left wing end part
    Cheetor tail
    Ratrap tail
    Tarantulas saw blade
    Terrorsaur sword (L&R), left chrome back piece
    Scavenger leg (1 full, 1 mid & end piece, 1 end piece), rear abdomen cover (L&R)
    Waspinator stinger missile, right small wing, rear leg end (2)
    Optimus Primal launcher, missile (1)
    Optimal Optimus rifle, missile (4), armour (6)

    Transmetals 2:
    Cheetor tail, gun, missile, left rear leg cover
    Iguanus missile
    Megatron missile (3)
    Tigerhawk missile (4), launcher (2)
    Scourge missile (2), right wing, head???*

    Other Transformer Weapons & Parts
    G2 Air Raid hand gun
    G2 Megatron rifle, light unit, missile (6)
    Beast Machines Blackarachnia left arm
    Beast Machines Mega Cheetor tail
    Beast Machines Nightscream disc (3), hand (2), left leg
    Beast Machines Tankor missile, left side small orange platform
    RID Galvatron launcher (2), missile (2)
    RID Megatron launcher (2), missile (1), left front claw
    RID Grimlock scoop
    Armada Unicron Deadend minicon
    Armada Demolisher missile (4), Blackout minicon
    Armada Demolisher (Powerlinx) missile (4), Blackout minicon
    Armada Thrust (Powerlinx) launcher, front nose piece, rear hatch piece, Inferno minicon & missile
    Armada Nemesis Prime gun (2), right front fender part, Run-Over minicon
    Armada Optimus Prime (Gigacon) trailer, missile, gun, stack (2), Sparkplug minicon
    Armada Overload (Gigacon) missile (2), Rollout minicon
    Armada Jetfire with Comettor missile (2), Commettor
    Energon Scorponok missile (2), left rear thruster (jet mode)
    Energon Treadshot weapons
    Cybertron Snarl tail, missile, key, right rear leg
    Energon Treadshot weapons
    Transformers Movie Autobot Jazz hood panel (2), spoiler, all weapons
    Transformers Movie Recon Barricade rear panel (2), all weapons
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    You have a PM
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    Moving to the Wanted Items forum. Feel free to start a new thread listing what you have to offer, but for this list, more sellers/traders will find you in Wanted Items.