LF G1 Weapons - have tons to trade

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by 10incher, Dec 29, 2005.

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    May 30, 2004
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    I am looking for the following weapons and accessories. Check out my full trade list at www.action-figures.ca


    Reflector shutter gun, missile (3)
    Mirage launcher
    Ratchet red gun post
    Jetfire right leg clip
    Onslaught left foot (light silver)
    Razorclaw blaster
    Divebomb Predaking right fist
    Tantrum sword, gun (1)
    Metroplex Scamper gun
    Trypticon Full Tilt gun, single radar dish
    Scorponok Fast Track left arm, radar dish 2 & 3 (I have the TV & robot head ones)
    Apeface rifle
    Slugslinger Caliburst
    Horri-Bull rifle
    Seacon black stand connector piece
    Quickswitch rifle (2)
    Grandslam rocket (2), gun
    Raindance rocket (2)
    Pincer Pretender stun rifle, left claw arm
    Waverider Pretender axe
    Gunrunner Pretender plasma missile
    Nightbeat Headmaster photon pistol, Muzzle
    Quake Targetmaster cannon, Heater, Tiptop
    Quickmix Targetmaster Boomer
    Doubledealer Powermaster chestplate
    Micromaster Countdown scout vehicle, radar, Lunar Rover
    Micromaster Ironworks missile
    Micromaster Roughstuff double missile turret


    Hot Rod rifle
    Sideswipe missile (2)
    Sunstreaker missile
    Optimus Prime silver rocket
    Camshaft neutron blaster
    Overdrive complete 3 weapons set attached to tree
    Slag electron blaster (2), missile
    Sludge rifle
    Trailbreaker fist (1), missile (2), twin missile (2), radar scanner
    Bruticus grey feet (L&R)
    Galvatron rifle
    Sandstorm rifle
    Ultra Magnus missile
    Starscream right fist
    Thrust right fist
    Scavenger pistol
    Bonecrusher pistol
    Longhaul pistol
    Soundwave launcher, missile
    Razorclaw sword
    Thundercracker wings (2), rear wings (2), fists (2), launcher (2), large missile (2), small missile (1), front wheel
    Skydive hand gun
    Omega Supreme foot, rocket arm, backpack, armour half A B C D, Ankle E F G H, Track I (2) J K L M, medium yellow clip
    Trypticon double radar dish
    Snapdragon Krunk Headmaster (right arm broken off & missing)
    Apeface shield
    Snapdragon passenger side rear fin
    Piranacon head
    Hun-Grr rifle
    Highbrow rifle
    Fastlane rifle
    Overkill weapon (2 sets)
    Quickmix Richochet
    Groundshaker cannon*
    Greasepit/Airwave ramp*
    Rad Lionizer*
    G2 Longhaul pistol (2), waistplate, tech spec
    G2 Scavenger fist, launcher, drill, tech spec
    G2 Bonecrusher pistol, drill, tech spec
    G2 Hook head gun, tech spec
    G2 Lasercycles Roadpig hand & weapon
    Knockoff Devestator black fist (2), launcher (2), waist plate

    Brawl unused sticker sheet

    Clone Pounce tech spec
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    I've got a few things on your want list. Let me get them together and give ya a pm