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    Hi, I'm letting go of most of my things and getting out of collecting, at the moment of time I can't think of anything else to say. I'm located in Vancouver Canada. No prices at the moment - offer and msg for info please.

    Sellings list

    Marvel Statues:
    Bowen Iceman(regular)
    Bowen Avengers Beast
    Bowen brown costume Wolverine
    Hard Hero Rhinox(AP)
    Hard Hero X men Evolution Magneto(MPS)
    Hard Hero Hercules(MPS)
    Hard Hero Hawkeye(MPS)
    Diamond Select Amazing Spiderman Maquette
    Diamond Select Invincible Iron man Maquette
    Bowen Fantastic 4 set mini statues
    Bowen Punisher Mini statue
    Sideshow Insanely Twisted Scarab Rabbit
    Flash Vs Captain Cold Dc statue

    Local sale only statues:
    Premium Format Regular Thing
    Weta Kingkong vs V-Rex

    For trade only statues:
    Sideshow Starcraft 2 statue(sealed)
    Sideshow Regular Captain America PF(slight wear on fabric at abdominal region)/cracked but glued but left wing on head
    Sideshow Regular Ghost Rider Comiquette(paint rub/flaw on knuckle at extending arm's hand)
    Sideshow Regular Western Ghost Rider Comiquette
    Sideshow Flawed Stealth Iron man Comiquette
    Marvel Milestones Hulk
    Marvel Milestones Thing
    Marvel Milestones Daredevil
    Marvel Milestones Silver Surfer(flawed board/snapped off with clean break)
    CS Moore Sewer Wolverine Diorama
    Bowen Action Unmasked Wolverine
    Bowen Captain Marvel 70s version
    Bowen Deadpool
    Bowen Nick Fury
    Bowen old Classic Ironman
    Bowen flawed Gambit(it's right belt is cracked off and held on loosely by glue atm)

    Marvel Legends action figures(all sealed):
    Entire Galactus series set
    War Machine
    Wonder man
    Captain Marvel(Genis-Vell Variant)
    Hulk Buster
    Captain America(paint scratch/rub on nose)
    Spiderman(the one that comes with sentinel's head)

    Anime statues(all sealed/Misb and never taken out for display):
    Max Factory Van
    Cowboy Bebop Spike Spiegel
    Cleo of the wind
    Street Fighter Ibuki
    One piece Flaming Ace
    One piece Shanks
    Dragonball x Onepiece Luffy
    Dragonball x Onepiece Goku

    MP-01 Optimus Prime Masterpiece(sealed)
    Mp-05 Megatron Masterpiece(modded with orange plug) complete with box/ displayed for awhile put back in box
    Hasbro Masterpiece Starscream(no box but complete/just posed once)
    NIKE Ultra Magnus(MISB)
    Takara Japanese Purple Galvatron reissue
    bunch of random stuff/cool stuff/movie ma-21,energon prime, sentinel prime/cybertron prime, primus/armanda prime etc..

    Japanese Robots and etc:
    Soul of Chogokin Ideon(complete with box, displayed for a short while then put back, pretty minty)
    Soul of Chogokin Baikanfu(no box but complete)
    Soul of Chogokin Renewal Mazinger(MISB)
    Soul of Chogokin Legend of Daiku-Maryu(one of the "straps" on the shield is broken but glued back and a strip of acrylic paint of one of the arms the size of the strips on the shield is peeled off)
    Soul of Chogokin Xanbungle(Opened and displayed for a short while, Stand built, complete with box)
    CMS Patabor (Missing shield otherwise complete)
    CMS GaoFighGar (complete)
    CMS Gold hammer set for GaoGaigar
    CMS Baan Gaan(complete/just displayed the blue robot)(for trade only)
    CMS Limited God Raijin-oh(MISB)(for trade only)
    CMS Goshogun(MISB)
    Great Mightgaine reissue set(opened/displayed a bit but complete with box)

    Gundam kits:
    MG RX-93 HI-NU
    MG RX-93 NU
    MG MK-II Titans versions Verson 2
    MG GP-03
    MG RX-78-5
    MG RX-78-4
    MG Unicorn
    MG Strike Sword/Bazooka
    MG Burst Mode Destiny
    MG Impulse
    MG Wing Zero
    MG Wing Zero Ver ka
    MG EX-S
    MG Zeta Plus C1
    MG Alex
    MG Hyaku-Shiku(gold plate version)
    MG Re-Gz
    MG Rx-79
    and a PG RX-78

    Gundam etc:
    A bunch of Gashapon and whatnot
    1/200 HCM Pro Destiny(MISB)
    1/200 HCM Pro Freedom(MISB)

    Etc kits:
    Cowboy Bebop swordfish

    Etc stuff:
    Revoltech Danboard(I think somewhere on the head theres a red scratch on it)
    FF7 Advent Children Cloud figure(MISB)

    I probably have more in the closet but this is it for now
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    One piece Flaming Ace
    One piece Shanks

    are they original? i mean, those arent fake/bootleg rite?

    pm me price for both and shipping to malaysia... thanks
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    Are your gundam kits unbuild?