Heavy/Scratch: Lego MOC- Jumpstream and Dust Up (Victorion Part 1)

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    In a universe where humans have invaded the Transformers' home planet of Cybertron, its up to the remaining members of the Cybertronian species to reclaim their homeworld. Will these warring races make amends...or seek revenge? This is...the aftermath.

    Transformers: Aftermath.

    WIN_20190429_150844.JPG WIN_20190429_150852.JPG WIN_20190429_150859.JPG WIN_20190429_150912.JPG WIN_20190429_150922.JPG WIN_20190429_150931.JPG WIN_20190429_150628.JPG

    Here's two of the six Torchbearers that form Victorion: Jumpstream and Dust-Up.
    Jumpstream is a sports car, while Dust-Up is a rally SUV.

    WIN_20190429_151651.JPG WIN_20190429_151704.JPG WIN_20190429_151713.JPG WIN_20190429_151756.JPG WIN_20190429_151913.JPG

    The robot modes aren't entirely feminine-looking, but I don't think they're so bad. At least they get the job done as Victorion's arms.


    Bio: Jumpstream

    "Devotion is my greatest strength."

    Jumpstream is highly fanatical when it comes to the Primes- but considering that she was built under the legendary Forge of Solus, its hard to blame her. Devoted to her cause and ever faithful to the Primes, Jumpstream would happily lay down her life if it was necessary. Jumpstream can be overly-excitable and perhaps a bit narrow-minded, but her short-range teleportation proves more than useful in a battle.

    Bio: Dust Up

    "The spark of a warrior burns deep within me."

    While the other Torchbearers have been tempered to survive even the most volatile conditions, Dust Up likes to take advantage of this ability the most. Dust Up rushes into nearly every opportunity to train, even if its against someone far stronger than she is. Passionate and headstrong, its hard to make Dust Up stop once she gets going; at least she knows the value of fighting alongside her team.



    Part one complete. Coming soon: Skyburst and Stormclash!
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