Heavy/Scratch: Lego MOC- Human Athena With Exo-Suit (Minerva Part 1)

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    In a universe where humans have invaded the Transformers' home planet of Cybertron, its up to the remaining members of the Cybertronian species to reclaim their homeworld. Will these warring races make amends...or seek revenge? This is...the aftermath.

    Transformers: Aftermath.


    In Transformers: Aftermath, the humans waged a war on the Cybertronians, after their many battles left planet Earth in an uninhabitable state. The humans won, forcing the remaining Cybertronians into exile.

    As the humans took over Cybertron as their new home, their technology continued to advance, along with their bodies. Becoming techno-organic beings, the humans now pose as an unexpectedly serious threat against the remaining Transformers.


    However, not all humans are alike. Athena, a young and brilliant mechanic, has volunteered to fix the severed relations between the Autobots and the humans.


    Athena's techno-organic body allows her to interface with a mech suit, built to give her equal footing against the Decepticons.


    Athena's suit transforms into an all-terrain rover, outfitted with weapons that can prove lethal to Transformers. Its a good thing that she's on the Autobot's side.



    "Human ingenuity can solve any problem."

    Born in a society that has been conditioned to hate Transformers, Athena is one of the few humans who aid Optimus Prime in his efforts to repair relations with the humans. Resourceful and open-minded, Athena fights alongside the Autobots, helping them hide under the radar to avoid attacks from the savage human commander, Actum. She's become good friends with Hotwire, a reluctant Autobot whom she can mentally link with to experience an incredible power.



    We're done with Athena, but there's more- Athena can merge with a fellow Autobot to form the hybrid Combiner, Minerva. The second half of Minerva, Hotwire, is coming soon. Tell me what you think about this creation!

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