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    So Takara's Selects releases have thus far been tied to or teased by two things:

    Tie-ins to current toy offerings. Battlestars, for example, ties into the Micromaster gimmick.

    Meanwhile, the manga pack-ins have tied in or created story for things NOT tied to the current toy offerings.

    A fun aside is that this has also resulted in the manga linking early G1 and late G1 concepts, such as Star Convoy having a flashback to the Ark's launch and reading to Jazz from the Covenant of Primus.

    So a thing that just hit me: The Zone characters commented on whether there's a link between Starscream's ghost and Violen Jiger -- the Zone bad guy who's made from the sparks of all the dead Decepticons.

    I guess what hit me is how that ties together a lot of stuff.

    The Allspark is what gives TFs life and is sort of the nexus through which sparks are made, splintered off from Primus, and is also sort of "Heaven" for the dead. They go to and come from the Allspark/Primus. And Rodimus has long been teased to be special to Primus, something the Super Megatron manga revived. And the Allspark is big in WFC lore.

    So what hit me is... The sparks that form Violen Jiger DON'T go to the Allspark and Starscream's ghost is often also cited as special. And the manga points this out.

    So here's my thought:

    I bet Takara is looking at Violen Jiger.

    They hinted at a Violen Jiger/Starscream link. (They've been playing these teases such as making Greatshot the upgraded Sixshot.)

    I wonder if Violen Jiger could be sort of the ultimate form of Starscream and/or tied to Unicron with the idea that some sparks don't belong in the Allspark, don't come from Primus and Starscream is kind of the general of the undead/unliving.

    I think I'd be drawn to a Violen Jiger figure with a Starscream alt face.
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    That would be quiet interesting. I would also like to find out how a spark turned into a space Kraken.