Heavy/Scratch: Legends Dai Atlas (ZONE 1 of 3)

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    Hey fellas!

    Recently i noticed the gaping hole of Dai Atl...i? Atlasses? figures in both 3rd Party and official products, and thats when i brushed the dust off me ol' Tools and brushes and started working on this Little fella.


    I started with a Kabaya Dai Atlas kit (stupid me already used the Stickers, thats why he may look somewhat blank) and butchered some unsatisfying legend figures for their arms and legs (ouch). After making sure nothing falls apart, i filled the gaps with some putty. I know the paint is somewhat sloppy, but i am still a bit rusty after not customizing something for around 5 years.



    When you already have some kibble, you might as well make use of it!


    Well i know the proportions are somewhat off, but i have no idea why, to be honest...

    Does he transform , you ask? Of course!



    ...he still is a flying Thing with tank treads and a drill , tho.

    I hope you like him, and if you do, stay tuned in for more Japanese G1 goodness!
    (Sorry for the blurry pics , i might snap a few pics with a real camera soon!)

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