By Generation: Legends Cosmos Shoulder Modification

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    Originally I was going to give Cosmos some rotation in his arms at the elbow, but after getting him and taking his arms apart I realized it would be more hassle than I feel like dealing with.

    I was able to figure this out, though - Cosmos has built-in shoulders that can pop out of his arm shells. To do it:

    1. Take his arm apart. Be careful, the halves are screwed AND glued together.

    2. See that little yellow cup that the green shoulder ball joint plugs into? It's a separate piece that WOULD hinge on that long screw you took out, but those little nubs on either side of it prevent this. Cut them off.

    3. You'll have to shave a small bit of plastic inside of where the part will hinge out, on the part itself and inside the arms. It's too squared off in there for it to bend otherwise, and you want a nice smooth rounded pivot point. You'll see what I mean. A dremel with a cutting wheel is highly recommended.


    4. Reassemble and enjoy! You now have a Cosmos with slightly more articulation. I think they planned to have this as a working joint at some point, but they scrapped and immobilized it for some unknown reason (much like Warpath's turret rotation).

    UPDATE: I figured out a way to improve this immensely. By doing the shoulder mod, it allows the socket to move out of the arm - that means you can cut a groove into the back of it so his arms can swing backwards as well! It's tedious work, as you don't want to cut out too much so the ball joint doesn't hold anymore, but I was careful and both joints still hold snug. Along with the newly cut groove, you also need to round the yellow shoulder piece down where it rubs against the body. See the new pic of the cut I made, the rounding isn't very apparent in the pic, sorry.

    With this final mod, I'm happy with him - but they should have just made him this way in the first place. All I did was remove plastic.



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