By Generation: Leg Fix for G1 Tracks

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    Most the problems I've come across [with G1 figures] are as simple as buying a junker to replace a broken part, or disassembling, repainting then applying new stickers. But one common problem live seen that is a really cheap and easy fix is the legs on G1 Tracks. Many examples won't retract or contract completely due to a bent piece of metal in the slide mechanism. It is an easy fix, but sometimes requires stickers to be removed to access the two screws holding the lower legs together. Once everything is disassembled, the metal stay needs to be removed and reshaped.

    I don't have pics of a bent example, but this piece of metal is the culprit. Most the time, this piece will actually bent in half. If it cant be straightened, It can probably be removed and still function. I opened up a second tracks I own, and those pieces aren't even there.



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