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Discussion in 'Tutorials and How Tos' started by FireShot, Apr 9, 2009.

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    Hey all!

    I am sure that with all the mods for being done for Leader Prime, its like "oh no, not another!" Well, my Premium Prime needed surgery, so here goes.

    I raided my sons LEGO box . . . after getting frustrated at seeing other Primes mods. I found two (2) LEGO ball joint pins that work for me and maybe for you.

    1st, I unscrewed the thumb housing and removed it.
    2nd, using a hobby saw, I amputated Primes remaining hand piece.
    3rd, drilling a hole into the backside of the thumb housing and also inside using the area where the previous screw hole and widened it to accomodate the ball joint.
    4th, inserted the balljoint.
    5th, glued the thumb housing with ball joint back together.

    Now, eying the arm and the newly jointed hand, I drew a "X" to where approximately where the hand was before. Drilling again five (5) tiny holes along the "X", I created a rugged opening for the Lego pin. I later used my hobby saw again to cut out the needed room to insert the Lego pin.

    . . . . and waddaya know? It worked :) 

    Now . . . the arm housing. I disassembled the arm, carefully keeping a eye to where what goes where (screws, springs, etc.).

    There is a cross member that the hand plate flips on. I had to cut out the needed area to allow the pin room.

    After test fitting everything again, the mod works. I can close the hand and flip it back into the arm. [The] down side to the mod is that you do see the LEGO pin exiting to the blue outside [portion] of the hand plate. I suppose you could cut back the length of the LEGO pin, putty the opening, sand smooth . . . which gets me thinking now on my next steps.

    Anyways, thought I share this!


    [After being asked for more photos to further detail his process, FireShot had the later portion here to add. ~Superquad7]

    As I am working on the 2nd hand, I took some quick pics of what I am doing.
    As I stated earlier, I drew a "X" on the flip plate where I wanted the pin to be inserted into. Now I'll drill five (5) holes, one at each end of the "X" and at the center. From there, I just remove the excess plastic.
    As you can see, Prime looks happier already with a modded hand! :) 



    They swivel/rotate on the ball joint. You can't fold the hand flat but its a great improvement to what it was originally. :) 

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