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    I have modifying and customizing for about two years. I recently got Leader Ironhide, and while I did not have the QC problems that others have had, the cannon door on his left arm, drove me nuts. So I set out to fix it:

    What you will need:


    I have an old junk spring, rare earth magnet, wire snips, and superglue.

    NOTE: Please use eye protection when cutting the spring! The part you are cut will fly off with some force. Since you are making a precision cut, your face will be right there.

    Cut a bit of the end off of the spring, and super glue it to the door. You want to glue it on the N marked on the door:


    Next, glue the magnet into the slot on the bottom of the gun:


    Let the glue dry and that's it! The hold is sold, but [it] can be knocked lose. If that bothers you, use a stronger magnet. Know that if you go too strong, the gun will have trouble deploying:




    Also, I did Peaugh's mask removal mod ( and discovered something: People have talked about his head being glued on. There is a reason that Hasbro did that. As you can see from the video, the head just slides in a slot. After modifying it, when you turn it, it slides out. [It’s] not a big deal for me, but something to be aware off.
    Also, that right cannon would sometimes get out of gear on mine (it would not either deploy all the way, or not retract all the way.) Usually, I could monkey around with to get it back on track . . . until it broke. One of the plastic bars the lifted the gun snapped. I was able to fix it, but it was not easy. As to why it was coming off track? The wind shield section on mine does not tab in all the way most of the time. The door for the gun gets hung up on it, and can prevent the gun from deploying:


    If this happens to you, take the arm apart, and fix the gears. DO NOT FORCE IT. It will work the 1st few times, but it will also break. Fixing that break is a pain!

    The door just kinda hangs there. When you turned the arm upside down the door would swing out. Also during transformation, the door could get stuck under the wind shield section. This fix stops that.

    The fix is to just be careful when opening the right cannon in truck mode. I think what happened was that the arm was screwed together a bit loose. When gun got stuck, the gears would slip a bit, leading to the gun not coming out/going in all the way. The last time I tried to get them back in place, the gears got stuck, and one of the support arms for the cannon broke. Looking around, it seems that I am the only one that this happened to, so you should be OK. When you get yours, if the gears get hung up, take it apart, reset them, and tighten it up nicely.

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