Minor/Repaint: Leader Class Age Of Extinction Grimlock

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    Hey Guys,
    Just wanted to share with you a little something i made on this Leader Class "Grimmy" from Transformers AOE.

    Personally; i did not like at all the original Hasbro color scheme this guy was given with all that chrome so decided to make him look cooler and meaner.

    For those wondering what color scheme was used here it is:
    First thing i noticed was he looked too clean so took a Dremel and gave him battle damage with scars, dents and scratches.

    Also sharpened his horns and some of his fangs.

    Afterwards; using an Airbrush; painted him entirely in Flat Black and then sprayed the Old Grouch with Alclad 2 Laquers Steel and Prismatic Sapphire Blue to UV.
    (Note: If any of you decide to try this method of paints which are awesome by the way, please use a mask for protection. The vapors can be very harmful.)

    Also used Dry Brushing method with Silver, Antique Gold and some Metallic Red for the eyes.

    Hope you guys like it.

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    I'm getting a Transmetal Megatron vibe, and loving it.