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    I'm flying back east for another year of school, so I figured I'd put my stuff up for sale/trade one last time. I leave August 17, so all offers must be finalized by then. I am willing to be VERY generous on items, so make me an offer no matter how crazy it seems. For sales, I accept Paypal only (sorry). I am also willing to trade (want list included at the bottom)

    MISB items for sale or trade:
    -Alt Smokescreen
    -Alt Sideswipe
    -Alt Silverstreak
    -Alt Hound
    -E Constructicon Maximus (all five bots, MISB)
    -E Kickback
    -Armada Jetfire
    -RiD Sideburn
    -RiD X-Brawn
    -RiD Prowl
    -RiD Rapid Run
    -BM Dinotron
    -BM Blastcharger
    -BW Transmetal Tarantulas
    -BW TM2 Dinobot
    -BW blue Transmetal Rattrap
    -BW Razorbeast
    -BW Injector
    -BW Torca

    Loose and MIB items for sale or trade:
    -BW TM Tarantulas, complete
    -HOC Perceptor, complete
    -HOC Wheeljack, complete

    Gundam Model kits for sale or trade:
    -HG Deathsythe Custom, good condition, complete
    -HG Sandrock Custom, good condition, complete
    -HG Nataku Custom, good condition, complete
    -HG Wing Gundam, good condition, complete
    -HG X-Divider (broken foot), complete
    -MG Char's Zaku II, good condition, complete

    Boxes for sale/trade: Make me an offer
    Macross boxes:
    -Bandai VF-1J box + inserts
    -Yamato VF-11B w/ fastpacks box + inserts
    -Yamato 1/60 VF-1J Max box + inserts
    -Yamato 1/60 VF-1A Hikaru box + inserts
    -Yamato 1/60 VF-1S Roy Focker box + inserts
    -Yamato 1/60 VF-1A Max box + inserts
    -Yamato 1/60 VF-1A brown production box + inserts
    -BW Transmetal 2 Blackarachnia box + inserts (00 version)
    -RiD Cryotek box + inserts
    -RiD Ultra Magnus box + inserts
    -BM Primal Prime box + inserts
    -Car Robots Super Fire Convoy box + inserts
    -Car Robots JRX giftset + inserts
    -Korean BW Gigastorm box + inserts SOLD
    -Korean Megastorm box + inserts
    -Korean Big Convoy box + inserts
    -BW Takara Dinobot box + inserts
    -BW Neo Takara Sharpedge box + inserts

    WANTED: loose, MIB, or MISB, doesn't matter. So long as the figure is complete and in good condition

    -Alt Decepticharge
    -Cybertron Megatron
    -Cybertron Scourge
    -Robot Masters Optimus Prime
    -Robot Masters Lio Convoy
    -Robot Masters Mirage
    -Armada Galvatron
    -Armada Cheetor
    -Japanese Micron Legend Shockwave
    -OTFCC Megazerak
    -RiD Skyfire (the one that came with Towline)
    -RiD Stormjet
    -RiD Galvatron
    -BW Megatron (original)
    -BW TM2 Scourge
    -BW Rampage (Japanese preferred, but American is alright to?)
    -BW Buzzsaw
    -BW2 Thrust
    -BW2 Autojetter
    -BW Neo Deadend
    -BW Neo Break
    -BM Sonic Attack Jet
    -Takara reissue bookstyle Megatron
    -Palisades Shockwave statue
    -Hard Hero Cyclonus bust
    -Hard Hero Grimlock bust
    -Macross Yamato 1/48 scale figure (any)
    -Masterpiece Rook Bartley VFA-6Z
    -Masterpiece Scott Bernard VFA-6H
    -Masterpiece Sue Graham Shadow Fighter
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    is the Transmetal Tarantulas Purple or Silver?