Lamentations of a Poppleholic

Discussion in 'The Toyark' started by Scrapper6, Mar 3, 2006.

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    Why oh why did I do it? I found a tape while I was rummaging around the basement with two episodes we'd recorded of the Popples Television show so I figured why not take a peek down memory lane? BAD idea; now I wish I could find my Putter and Puzzle Popples the 4' kind if I'm not mistaken, but alas I have a feeling my folks already got rid of them a good seven or eight years back during the great toy purge of the garage.

    Curses; those little puffballs were cute and fun to fiddle with, I wonder who has the rights to this show it might make an interesting bout of nostalgia if returned to the market in the DVD box set venue... The two episodes I got on tape aren't enough of a fix for my sudden Popple-necessities.

    They're fun, they're cute and they make ya laugh, that's all good 80's fun ya need. I got the Flood at the Fluff N' Fold episode and the one where they try to clean up Billies room, they were pretty good actually... And you may wonder why this is in the toyark, but hey I didn't feel like posting in The Fuzzy World and it was sort of refering to toys I USED to have, curse my own stupidity for not keeping them in my own personal safekeeping type place. The Toys> :stick:  Me.
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    I've been looking for one of them on ebay for my sister. They were like transforming Stuffed animals.
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    My little sister got a Popple a long time ago, and I think she still has it. I don't really remember much about the TV show, though. Getting older sucks, doesn't it?