By Generation: Kreon Torso Decals and Custom Tutorial Introduction by Tresob

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    There are some standard ways of doing this.

    1) The pro-level: There is a great tutorial here, but I'll summarize. Buy water-slide decal paper for a color laser printer and print them on a color laser printer (or take your water-slide decal paper to an office supply store or copier center that has color laser printing and have them print it for you). Make sure you have set your printer for the right settings or the decal paper might melt in your printer. That's bad. You will have to cut the image out of the water-slide decal paper, soak it in water, then apply it to the chest you want it on (or the blank back of a torso).

    2) I've occasionally printed them on Avery labels because it already has adhesive. These aren't as "permanent" as water-slide decals, but they are much cheaper, and you can just rip them off and reprint them if they get damages or fade.

    3) I've seen people just print them on paper and glue or tape them on, but that's pretty awful looking.

    If you do print them yourself, I recommend making sure you are something like 400-600 dpi to get the details in and to keep it from being too pixelated.

    MSP will probably produce something better, so I don't want to step on his toes, but I had this lying around if it's an urgent custom issue:


    Here's a 2D shot of my Twintwist torso render in case someone wants to try it as a sticker. The lines might be too thin; somebody can probably thicken them in a graphics program:


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