Heavy/Scratch: Kre-O Optimus Prime Space Bridge.

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    Wasn't sure where to put this, so I guess customs is as good a place as any.

    Basically I rebuilt the two current Kre-O optimus Prime sets into a space bridge. But based on the G1 Comics, not on the TV show -- so it's literally a bridge.

    I used both Optimus Prime Kre-O sets and not parts from any other sets. My goal was to build something that was fun and detailed, and could replicate the idea of the comics Space Bridge without literally replicating the look of it. The set is pretty big, but it's really only scaled for Kreons.

    The attached photos show the Optimus Prime command section, which is removeable. They also show Bluestreak's section, which is a large hidden cannon. Finally they show off a mobile cannon unit and how it attaches to the top of the bridge. Even though it's CLEARLY an Autobot gunner unit, it's being pilotted by Skywarp here. He probably stole it.

    --Andrew S.

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    cleaver idea!