Kre-O Battle Changers Stop Motion Project: Brickformers

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    On April 8th, 2020, video games producer Activision shut down the multiplayer servers for many of their legacy titles, and one of these games was Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. This was not the only Transformers title to be shut down, but this title in particular was important for a channel I was a fan of: JOHNNYFLASH, who used the now-defunct multiplayer servers to create Machinima skits (a form of filmmaking through the use of video game engines). While he will still be able to use the game's campaign mode, his style of work has been greatly limited due to Activision's decision.

    JOHNNYFLASH created a video addressing this, titled "WHAT THE TRANSFORMERS THINK OF 2020", addressing the current global pandemic, the threat of war, and Activision's decision impacting his work. I saw his video as an opportunity to not only spread awareness and support for him, but also as a way to offer my services in the field of stop-motion animation, as well as a test of my current animation capabilities. He has said in a discussion post that he is planning on exploring other means of animation to bring his skits to life, to which I hope I can offer my services. Since I have been creating my own custom Transformers figures with LEGO and Kre-O bricks, I wanted to put them to good use through animation. I have been creating my animation since April 24th, and had been going strong since until today.

    I made sure to adhere closely to his original video in my adaptation, but not at the expense of my own original and creative touch, taking inspiration from the style of other stop-motion animators like forrestfire101, Edbound, Keshen, and AubreyStudios82. I added in my own scenes, and recruited other voice actors willing to lend a hand or willing to let me use archival audio for extra characters. So I hope you sit back and enjoy my recreation. Stay safe and strong, everyone. 2020 can't beat us yet.

    Bumblebee/Jazz/Nitro Zeus by Jellyfishtheactor:
    Optimus Prime/Perceptor/Powerglide/Sideswipe by Orbital Bacon: Shockwave by Anonymous Slipstream by Cayla Martin (archival audio):
    Starscream/Blitzwing by JobbyTheHong:
    Megatron by Freddery McMahon: Freddery McMahon
    Windblade/Jetfire by Gianni Matragano:
    Grimlock by Unknown
    Hoist by u/Revenge1213111
    Frenzy by Jackson Trent: Ironhide/Grapple/Rumble/Devastator/Lugnut/Blackout/ShadowStriker/Reflector/Prowl/Tailgate/Brawn/Blurr/Dinobots by RayO1
    Warpath by Diamondbolt (archival audio):
    Arcee by MoonTruffles (archival audio):
    Bulkhead/Hound by Kevin Michael Richardson (archival audio):
    Ultra Magnus by David Kaye (archival audio):

    PRODUCERS Aadeon:
    My Sister (co-editor)
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