KOBots: Blue Prowl

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    Seeing as I dont know the manufacturer I'm going with the name KoBots (like GoBots) for these new batch of BT Knock offs, as they all seem to share the same faction symbol.

    Here's my review of the KoBot Blue Prowl

    It comes in a BT Prowl box, complete with shakey translation. Strange thing I noticed is that the bubble for Prowl had room for the Police lights, but more on that in a bit

    Not a bad looking paint job over all, there was a small chip on the room but nothing to really cry about

    OK once I started to look it over, I figured out why the bubble had room for the police lights: This was molded from the Police version, not the original Blue Prowl mold
    This doesnt bother me, but it might bother a few folks

    Suprisingly enough the interior was a bit more detailed than I would have thought

    And for some reason I love this detail

    When I got it out of the box, the wheels were VERY loose and they didnt sit level. Not a difficult fix, just tap the pins in with a pin punch

    And now for the bot mode:

    I dont have or have ever seen the original so I dont know the original color of the limbs and head, but this one has a creme/light beige color. The combo with the dark metal flake blue works nicely
    There is some missing paint on this one but the color is similar to RUSTOLIUM METALIC BLUE paint so its not hard to patch up for me.

    Also to note when I got it the screws in the shoulder assembly that attached the arm to the cars under carriage were loose, so I tightened them... a little too much, as the post they're attached to snapped off when I tried to transform him. it was a clean break so a little krazy glue fixed that issue.

    And Here's KoBot Prowl with his "blight" stick. He did come with the engine gun, but I forgot to take a picture of it. Its black with silver and red accents.

    and the back

    and the mandatory Group shot
    Note the Sloppy paint on the forearms. I'm repainting it so again doesnt bother me any.

    Aside from the loose wheel pins and unseated screws in the shoulder assembly, and a bit of shotty paint in bot mode, I'm fairly statified with this KO. The joints were not too loose, it holds the weapons up and stands well on its own without issue. I got this one on ebay, and I have one on order form A3U which I should have by the end of the month. If there are any noticable differences I'll make sure to update this post.

    If there are any questions please feel free to PM me