Minor/Repaint: King Poseidon/Piranacon gun stand

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    Sometimes I hate myself.....

    Funny, looooong story:
    The targetmaster gimmick doesn’t really hold up well with the new Generations Selects King Poseidon. So Wednesday I got the great idea of using Snaptrap’s rifle and some other stuff, and recreate the G1 Seacons’ rifle stand, for King Poseidon to use as a cannon stand. I got the idea on my way to work, and thought about it all workday long. All I’d need was a G1 seacon rifle stand base, which I had. It already has a 5mm hole for mounting anyway. But I’d need a 5mm post for the Snaptrap gun barrel to plug into the stand. Then connect the base to the gun barrel, then connect the spare seacon hand to the back end post on the rifle. Easy Peasy! Then I thought, Maybe a ball joint down on the base, for pivoting? Then later I thought, why not make a ratchet joint on the base for the rifle to plug into? It would make it more stable than a ball joint. And give the stand a little extra height. All day long I plotted it out. When I got home that night, I went straight to work. I mounted a ratchet joint from a busted Built to Rule set, and screwed a 5mm post onto the end for the gun to plug into. Took a couple hours to make up my mind, find the parts, and do it. Came out really nice. Looks good, works well. Felt good about it and myself. Here’s the end result:

    FCDC17D0-5C9B-4467-A9A2-E0938DA1E7E8.jpeg EBAC00C6-EDA0-48AD-9AA1-717551EFD819.jpeg C26508C8-23D8-427F-AB70-0C81D86C1427.jpeg 7562FFE0-323B-4C27-942D-AD83E01B9F10.jpeg 2DD1EAD8-C01B-4318-B385-8F48B82AD3A4.jpeg

    then I went to take pictures of it to post here. That’s when I realized: I didn’t need to make any mods at all to the base. If I’d have just flipped Snaptrap’s rifle around, the post on the end could’ve plugged into the base, and the seacon fist could plug into the rifle barrel..... 52DA0B74-0A64-44F0-8652-90535E606774.jpeg 285EC096-878A-46C5-8B69-0170DF476235.jpeg F9BAFCD1-7600-4271-845A-BD43310F7FBF.jpeg 5279EE84-3426-46D3-AEA4-FCFC1F2FB186.jpeg ED46DB76-C28D-4991-A5BA-7703D92E857E.jpeg

    my problem as usual: I overthink everything. Oh well. Either way they look good.

    anyway, enjoy the shitty pix I took. You can use whichever seacon as a cannon. They all form a gun mode basically the same, and you can extend their robot arms out to use as cannon handles.
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    nice great work, i did something similar but i made it by 3dprinting.