KFC Stratotanker (Octane) review

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    What follows is the result of my investigation about its structural characteristics and processing. The engine is a detachable component that becomes the torso of the robot (bending under the cart rear wheels, then the same with the cabin bend portfolio), and the tail of the airplane (the two pins under the bumper are used to laterally rotate the both sides of the tractor vehicle, which join the front uniting the two parts of the small vertical wing, and positioning the two branches which form the two small orizontal wings PHOTO 1). The tank becomes the rest of the body of the robot; the arms attached to the semi mobile panels form the rear axle, the legs are 3/4 of the tank and contain inside the pelvis-thigh structure, there is the front wings backpack (PHOTO 2); the latter is a detachable component, because I have noticed that in the two alt mode has an inverted arrangement of 180°, the two panels open at the base of the tank forming the roof of the airplane (PHOTO 3). So in airpalne mode it opens the front panel and attaches the tail, arms attached under the wings such as motors, and the pull out the beak of the airplane. In robot mode, the base of the pelvis has two rectangular joints that attach the two holes on the sides of the radiator grille; and the arms structure connected to the backpack, has a fitting that attaches to a hole in the tank of the tractor. So three detachable parts: the tractor, wings backpack with arms structure, and legs. In the picture 4 I highlighted some weaknesses of alt mode: in the tank mode the wings are positioned as in the G1 toy, with the difference that in the old model the base of the wings was rounded to blend in the tank shape, while the KFC It has flat, showing an ugly aesthetic effect! The airplane is equal to the G1 toy corresponding with one difference: while the entire fuselage of the old model was perfectly even, the KFC detachable tail has a smaller thrickness (maybe need for transformation). Then the size certainly not "Leader Class" of the robot: 22 cm high.

    by Rin-Aldo

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    KFC has my vote and will have my cash too